10 Best Camera Apps | Top Android Apps for Taking Photos

10 Best Camera Apps to Take Photos: In today’s article, we are going to give you information about which is the best app to take photos. Whenever we buy a mobile, then we try to know about the camera of that mobile. Because having a good camera in mobile has become a necessity for everyone. If you are active on social media then it is obvious that you must have taken photos from mobile and uploaded them on social media. Because it is not possible to shoot with DSLR every time.

Mobile companies, with their efforts, get good quality cameras installed in the mobile, but many times we do not like the quality of that camera and the photos taken from it. So what can you do? In such a situation, you do not need to worry, because today we will tell you about the Best Camera Apps for Android which are useful for capturing and sharing photos on social media as well as editing, you will find below about all those apps. Will tell.

Which is the Best Camera Apps for Taking Photos?

Best Camera Apps for Android

There is already a camera app in the mobile but in third party camera apps such features are found which are not available in the default app. That is why we are giving information about top 10 camera Android apps here, which people use and like the most. You can also install any of these apps for free.

  1. Camera 360 App
    If we talk about the best camera apps, then this app comes at number 1 because it has been downloaded more than 100 million on google play store. Camera 360 is the best free camera app for Android smartphones. Many such features have been given in this app which come in handy for you professionally. And also it is a free photo camera app. Its special thing is that you get many types of stickers in it as well as many types of filters are also available.
  2. Retrica App
    Most of the people use this app to take photos. If we talk about its rating on google play store, then it has got very good rating and also it has been downloaded more than 100 million times. Retrica App is a good camera app for Android users and it is also the best selfie camera. You can run this app easily and also if you click on any image, then you can apply many types of filters on that image.
  3. Cymera Camera
    Cymera Camera App is available on Google Play store, it is a free camera app that provides you many features. Cymera app is the best app for photographers that comes with a beautiful camera. Along with this, it is also a photo editor app and there are many types of photo editing tools in it which can be of use to you. It gives you the opportunity to choose from 130 different filters for you. That’s why if you want, you can use this app.
  4. Camera MX
    The CAMERA MX app is the best camera app for Android users. This application is easy to use and comes with few existing features. Features like photo editing and effects in real time make this app more addicting. This Camera MX app can show your photos in a new way. The quality of its photos is also very good. This app has been downloaded more than 10 million on Google Play Store. If you want, you can also use this app.
  5. Camera FV – 5
    Camera FV-5 This is a professional camera app, in which you get features like DSLR manual setting. If you are a new photographer or want to learn photography from mobile then this app can prove to be a better app for you. If we talk about the rating of this app, then it has got a very good rating on google play store, and its downloading has also been very high. In this app you get many features like manual shutter speed.
  6. A Better Camera
    A Better Camera It is written in the name of this app that what a good camera it is. If you are looking for a good camera app then you can use this app. This is absolutely free app and can prove to be a good app for professional photographers. The photos of this A Better Camera give you a DSLR-like effect. It is usually designed to mimic a DSLR camera. Two shutter buttons, movable viewfinder, geotagging, color effects and many more features are available in this photo app.
  7. Footej Camera 2
    If we talk about footej camera 2 then footej camera is very popular all over the world with fun features for android users. It has more than 70 filters and more than 50 frames to make your photo more creative and attractive. Digital zooming, time-lapse, self-timer, time-lapse, slow-motion video recording, high-resolution animated GIF, and much more will be found in this cool camera app. The most important thing about this app is that you don’t need internet connection to capture any photo.
  8. Candy Camera
    I have been using this camera app for a long time and I really liked this app. The candy camera app is one of the best camera apps that every Android user needs on their device. This great photo editing app has tons of filtering options as well as a silent mode. This candy camera comes with ultimate features like beauty function, silent camera mode and many more. Some beauty functions in this camera app like whitening, concealer, widening eyes, applying lipstick etc.
  9. Snapseed
    This is also considered to be a very popular app. And it has got very good rating on Google Play Store as well as more downloading. This is a free app that you can take advantage of. This camera app for your Android mobile has 29 tools and filters like Healing, Brush, HDR, Structure, Perspective and more. You can readjust JPG and DNG files by opening them.
  10. Open Camera
    This app is considered very best and the reason for this is its simple interface. With this app you can not only extract photos but also you can record videos in good quality from it. Especially this app is used for video recording. It also has a manual mode through which any basic photographer can shoot amazing pictures right from their phone. You can also use this app if you want.

Final Words:

Which is the best camera app, its complete information is told here. You can use any of these 10 camera apps to take photos. If you face any problem in installing any app or you have any question related to android mobile then you can ask us in below comment box. We will reply very soon.
The information about which is the best app to take photos is useful for all those who use Android phones. So if you want, you can share this post with your friends.

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