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Live Wallpapers for Mobiles: In this article, we will give information about 10 Best Free Android Mobile Live Wallpapers, which will make your Android phone very attractive. We all want to make our phone home screen beautiful. We want the home screen of our phone to look the best. So that our friends say that let’s share.Let us know which are these apps

Best Live Wallpaper for Android Mobile

By the way, more than one list of free live wallpapers will be available on Google Play Store. But in this article we have included 10 such wallpapers which are the best. So let’s know about these apps.

  1. Minima Live Wallpaper

This live wallpaper created by joko interactive is a great wallpaper for your android phone.
i) It gives great effect to your phone.
ii) After setting it on the phone, it moves with the phone.That is, the background will look as if they are moving.
iii) Its setting is very simple. Available for free on play store with 4.1 rating.

If you want more features & live wallpaper then you can also buy its pro version. These are very good android apps to make the phone attractive.

  1. Device Info Live WallPaper i)This Live WallPaper will be attractive as well as provide information about your device.
    ii) For example, information about CPU status, battery power, RAM and phone’s storage will be displayed on your homescreen.
    iii) This is also free apps. If you want, you can buy its pro version for advanced features.
  2. Lantern Festival 3D Free i)This best 3D live wallpaper provided by Oleksandr Popov is available for free on your android phone.
    ii) Many features have been given in it. It will get a special effect.
    iii) You can adjust the boats, lantern given in it.
    iv) That is, you can set according to you how many boats, Lantern appear on your home screen.

It will give new look to your android phone home screen with attractive 3D effect. For more features, you can also buy this live wallpaper for very little money.

  1. Muzei Live Wallpaper i)There will be a lot of attractive wallpapers in this which can be adjusted according to you.
    ii) There is not much live wallpaper in Muzei Live Wallpaper android app but the images given in it are very attractive and it is updated daily.
    iii) You will find everyday fresh wallpapers for your android phone.
  2. Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper i)Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper provides attractive effect.
    ii) This is a very popular app which has got 10,000,000 – 50,000,000 installs.
    iii) Gives a great look to the home screen with Sky & Birds.
    iv) You can also adjust it according to you. Its setting is also very easy.
    If you want a nature based live wallpaper to make your android phone attractive then this can be very good for you.
  3. Thunderstorm Free Wallpaper i)This is also nature based live wallpaper.
    ii) If you want to see the rainy effect in the home screen of the phone, then this is the best app.
    iii) Thunderstorm Free Wallpaper will give live feel of cloud and rain.
    iv) It can also be adjusted accordingly. To make it look more attractive.
    This best wallpaper is available for free in google play store with 4.0 rating. You can also buy its pro version.
  4. Raindrops Live Wallpaper HD 8 i)If you want to see live rain in Android Phone then this is the best.
    ii) Raindrops Live Wallpaper will make the phone look like it is drenched in water.
    iii) And the water is slowly coming down from the mobile screen.
    iv) This is also a much better app to make the phone attractive.
    v) Available for free on google play store with 4.2 rating.
  5. Paperland Live Wallpaper i)This best live wallpaper created by Joko Interactive will turn your phone into real world.
    ii) That is, it will give live effect on your home screen. Its setting can make it more attractive.
    iii) For example, when the sun and moon appear on the home screen, you can set it.

Its setting is also easy. After installing it all you have to do is install it on your homescreen. This attractive live wallpaper with 4.2 rating is available for free on google play store. If you want more features then you can also buy pro version of this app.

  1. Autumn Tree Free Wallpaper i)You will definitely like the autumn tree live 3D effect in your mobile screen.
    ii) The leaves moving with the gust of wind will add to the beauty of the home screen.
    iii) If you want to put tree based live wallpaper in your android phone then this can be perfect for you.

This app has been installed by 500,000 – 1,000,000. You will definitely like these apps available for free with 4.2 rating.

  1. KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker i)If you do not like the live wallpapers mentioned above, then you can design accordingly.
    ii) KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker app provides you such a feature.
    iii) With which you can design wallpaper according to you.
    iv) As suitable for your home screen

This app is available for free on google play store with a strong rating of 4.6. Just install it and design the wallpaper according to you and put it on the home screen.

Final Words:

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