A Credit Card for the United States of America

 Anyone who has ever been to the US (on vacation, on a business trip or as an exchange student) will agree: a credit card is indispensable. Yes, you can also pay in cash, but in many places credit cards are preferred. In restaurants, paying with cash has even become a rarity.

If you are planning to travel to the US, you will also need a credit card to complete your ESTA application . You must pay $14 per (mandatory) application and this can only be done by credit card.

credit card for united state of America

A persistent myth is that paying with credit cards is unsafe. Very occasionally things can happen, but the real question is: does it really matter if it’s true? The answer is unequivocal: no! If you have a credit card, all your purchases (both online and offline) are guaranteed to be safe; in the event of fraud, the credit card issuer will cover 

your loss and you will not have to pay a cent yourself. (The issuers of credit cards can do this because they are themselves insured against possible fraud, and because they want you to use their card.)

In other words, you are never at risk with your credit card purchases .But that’s not all the bonuses you get with an Amex credit card. Below the complete overview:

  • Always pay 100% securely , both online and offline
  • Deferred Payment: Your payments are automatically debited only once a month
  • Fraud Insurance: All damage caused by fraud is covered by American Express. You do not run any risk.
  • Purchase insurance: all your purchases are insured against theft and damage for 90 days
  • Not good, money back: if the seller does not want to take back your bad purchase, American Express will reimburse the damage
  • Account statement: 24 hour access to your account statement, so you always have an overview of your expenses
  • Replacement card: In the event of loss or theft, American Express will deliver a replacement card within 24 hours, wherever you are in the world – including the United States.

You may be going to the US soon, but you’re still wondering, “Why would I need a credit card?” I would like to answer this with my own experiences. A credit card is very useful for several reasons. Below are the six most important:

1. In America, almost all payments can be made by credit card (both in shops and restaurants). You also pay no interest on your purchases if you pay them off within a month. You will then receive a free loan from your credit card issuer, as it were.

2. A credit card is much safer than having hundreds of dollars of cash in your pocket during your vacation; a wonderfully safe feeling.

3. Forgot to pin? If you are without cash for a while, you can still pay with a credit card.

4. You can make purchases on the Internet 100% securely (in the unlikely event of fraud, American Express will cover all damages).

5. With a Flying Blue credit card you immediately save for a discount on airline tickets with KLM and Air France!

In the 21st century, a credit card is almost indispensable, especially when traveling to the United States. For the reasons mentioned , I recommend that American Express is the best option.