American Express Platinum – The Most Exclusive AMEX Card

 The American Express Platinum card is AMEX’s most exclusive credit card. With an annual cost of €700 and an unlimited spending limit, this is easily achieved. If you apply for this credit card now, you will pay only €350 the first year and you will receive 20,000 Award Miles. With this credit card you get unlimited access to Airport Lounges and you can save for AirMiles, which gives you discounts on flights or hotel bookings.

American Express Platinum

This card is especially suitable for people who travel often and can spare the money to take advantage of these benefits.

American Express Platinum Options

This AMEX card is American Express ‘ most exclusive credit card . This credit card therefore also has many advantages. This is accompanied by very high annual costs of €700 per year. In the first year, this credit card is €350. But a big advantage that reasonably compensates for these costs is that you get 6 credit cards when applying for the American Express platinum. In addition, you will receive a free replacement card in the event of theft or damage. 

Just like with other AMEX credit cards, you can save Air Miles with the American Express Platinum card. With every euro you spend with this credit card, you save 1.5 Air Miles. You can spend these Air Miles on flights or hotel bookings or gifts. 

The American Express credit card is generally aimed at making travel, especially by plane, as pleasant as possible. The Platinum card responds extremely well to this. 

Apply for American Express Platinum Credit Card

Applying for an AMEX Platinum credit card is a process that only takes a few minutes. There are only a few conditions that you must meet. However, these conditions are slightly stricter than with other credit cards. The first two conditions correspond to other credit cards. You must be 18 years or older. The last condition is that you have a minimum income of €60,000 per year. When you meet these conditions, you can easily apply for this credit card. After this you can expect your credit card on your doorstep within 10 days.

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