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What is Article Submission? and why is it necessary

Article Submission Sites : If you want to promote your website, you want everyone to know about your business as soon as possible, then Article Submission is the easiest and best way to do this, more and more people will know and visit to your blog, so that the traffic of your website will increase.

If you want to let more and more people know about your business or brand , then you will have to write more and more about that which we call ARTICLE in technical language.

As you know Article Submission is an off page SEO technique in which we write articles about our business, share or publish on any third party website. By submitting articles, traffic on our website increases and a backlinks is created.

Whenever you submit an article, keep some special things in mind

  1. Provide correct information while writing an article
  2. Do not use too many keywords while writing an article
  3. There are many such websites, when we share an article, there is an option to add an image on it, so keep in mind that the image should be about your business.
  4. The most important thing is to choose the right category while submitting the article.
  5. Article’s Length should be 600-800 Words
  6. Most important, you have to keep in mind that the website should be old and its PA, DA should be at least 40.
  7. Always choose Do-follow Sites to post articles.
Article Submission Marketing

Benefits of Article Submission Sites

This is the easiest way to create back links.

Article Submission with the help of Alexa rank helps to rank your website on Google.

Helps in increaseing website traffic.

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