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Best Way to Take Backup of Android Phone

In today’s article, we will tell you about how to take backup of Android phone. These days smartphones have become an integral part of our daily life. Wherever we go, we take our phones with us. Our phones not only contain our contacts, but now they store our personal information, memory, SMS, calling details, documents and important files. It has become our daily driver. But what if you accidentally lose your smartphone, or someone steals it from your pocket. This can cause you tension

To avoid all these situations, you should back up your information on your smartphone so that you can restore it later in difficult situations. Also, another advantage of backing up your data on the cloud is that you can sync or access your personal data across different devices and platforms from anywhere in the world. You can back up your smartphone data using Google services or using third party apps. We are telling you some applications to take backup. And then we will tell you about how to take backup from Google account.

  1. Easy Backup
    This Easy Backup App gives you options where you can back up your call log, contacts, SMS, calendar, bookmarks, dictionary and apps. You can backup and restore from SD card, Gmail, Dropbox and Google Drive. You can automatically create backups for you to back up and schedule them, plus you can also view your backups.
  2. Super Backup And Restore
    This app is also considered to be a very good app, you can use this app if you want. This App allows you to restore your Contacts, SMS, Call Log, Bookmarks and Calendar Events from SD card or Gmail, Backup Schedule and Backup Files.
  3. G Cloud Backup
    This is also considered to be a very popular app. This app allows you to back up your call logs, SMS, contacts, settings, documents, music, photos and videos to the cloud. Its free space is up to 10 GB, you can also secure your data by using pass code in it. You can also back up data to an external SD card.

How To Back Up Android Phone With Google Account?

Let us now tell you how you can take a backup using Google Account on your smartphone.

  1. Backup Wifi Password, Bookmarks, Settings and App Data
    This can be done by going to Settings-> Backup & reset-> Check Backup my data and Automatic Restore key. If you don’t have an account to backup, it will ask you to add an account.
  2. Backup Contacts
    You can mail your Contacts to anyone using a storage card, Google Drive, or an email account. For this you need to go to Dialer App-> Settings -> Import/Export-> Export to Storage option. Similarly, you can also restore Contacts.
  3. Import SMS using Hangouts
    The new version of the Hangouts application allows you to import your existing SMS from the SD card. Or you have to use third party app to take backup. To import SMS, you need to launch Hangout-> Settings-> SMS-> Import SMS.
  4. Backing up Documents Using Google Drive
    All you have to do is open the app, select the files you want to upload and it will upload all the files you have selected to the cloud. Google provides you 25 GB free storage.
  5. Back up photos and videos using Photo App
    You just open Photos App, click on Settings option -> Automatic Backup -> turn it on. You can also customize the backup plan with different options to save battery and data cost.
  6. Backup Events and Reminders Using Calender App
    The Calendar app automatically syncs all events, reminders and birthday dates across different Google devices. You can deselect the options that you do not want to sync by opening the Calendar App -> Settings-> Select Account-> Uncheck the option.
  7. Backup Notes Using Google Keep
    You can take backup of all your notes separately from this one app. For this just open the app, click on Settings Options-> Select Sync Option -> Auto Sync App Data. You can visit from the browser to get a visit to all the notes around the world.

Final Words:

So we have given you complete information about How to Backup Android device in this article.We hope you liked the best way to back up Android Phone. If yes, then do share this information with your friends on social media. Thank you !

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