Best Ways To Make Money Online with WhatsApp

 WhatsApp is a platform that is used by at least 97% of the digital population, but very few know how to take advantage of it. How is that possible? Well, that is exactly what I am going to show you in this article.

Make money with WhatsApp

Short Links

you can earn money through WhatsApp is through a short link and it is very popular. Is that how it works. There are websites that convert other websites on the short link. Your job now is to copy the link to any social site and whoever clicks on the short link to get to the main website; you get paid.

It is very easy and fun too. Just send it to as many friends as possible and whoever clicks on it will receive a prize.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate link is another amazing way to earn money through WhatsApp and for those who belong to multiple groups, you can even earn more. All you need to do is tell the people in your group about a particular product, it can be anything.

Then go to an affiliate network and sign up. Look for a company that sells these products. Copy the link and share it with the group members. Anyone who clicks on the purchase link gets a commission.

Market Your Own Products or Skills

An alternative means of making money from WhatsApp is to market and promote yourself. If perhaps you have a business that interests you, you can create a business card and send it to your contacts or groups and tell them how much discount you are giving them. Make sure the people or groups you approach have taken an interest in your products

Become a WhatsApp Business Marketer

Sounds amazing, but people get paid to promote businesses on WhatsApp! To do this, you should first have been in groups that have a lot of contacts. Also have a lot of contacts.

Then use forums, social media, and whatever platform you have to advertise. Lines like “I can help you reach 1,000 new customers through WhatsApp Groups . Contact me if you’re interested.” You’ll be surprised that you’ll actually find people who will approach you if you do it right. Once you get it, all you have to do is come up with a plan on how to present your products or services to your WhatsApp audience.

Pay Per Download

This is one of the amazing ways you can earn money if used right. Is that how it works; you upload files such as images, videos, music, games or any other file, and you get paid for anyone who downloads it. The secret here is that before someone downloads anything, the sites will probably show them surveys or ads. After finishing surveys or watching ads, they are downloaded. This is how they make money to pay you.

Refer Friends to Apps

I’m sure you’re aware of this, it’s a passive way to earn money just by getting friends to sign up to the same website as you or you just need to get the app, refer friends and earn money. Because the list of these applications is inconsistent, we have not included them here. You can Google “apps that pay to refer a friend”.

Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Many bloggers make money from WhatsApp by driving traffic to their blog. This step first involves you having a blog.

For example, let’s say your blog is about relationship groups. You can create a relationship group on WhatsApp. Invite people and tell your friends to invite others. Make the group very attractive. Then when you publish a post on your blog, share a catchy summary of your post with the link at the bottom of your relationship group.

You will have visitors from your WhatsApp group and your WhatsApp contacts can click and forward your summary to their contacts. You can go viral on WhatsApp and that means so many visitors and money!