Black Streaks Problem While Printing by Laser Printer

A laser printer is a good purchase in many respects and scores above all with its speed , the comparatively low printing costs and the high quality of the printouts. Nevertheless, such a printer is not spared from errors and sometimes there is a significant loss of quality. It’s more than uncomfortable, especially when the laser printer prints streaks.

The entire document is destroyed and all you can do is throw the piece of paper away. Not only is this annoying because you use up paper unnecessarily, but you’ve also wasted toner, which isn’t exactly cheap. That’s why you should get rid of the “laser printer prints stripes” problem as quickly as possible so that you can soon enjoy the quality you are used to from your color laser printer again.

Fix Unwanted Smudges and Lines in Print

After a while, your printer’s printheads can become clogged and cause black streaks or spots on your prints. Your printer drivers usually include tools to clean them.

Click the Start button and then click Devices and Printers.
Right-click the icon for your printer and click Printer Properties from the menu that appears.
Open the Maintenance or Cleaning tab.
Then click on the Cleanup tool . The cleaning then begins. A message informs you of the end of the operation. Validate with OK.
If stains are still present, try the other tools offered such as Deep cleaning , Bottom plate cleaning or Cylinder cleaning.

Why do Prints Come Out with Black Streaks?

In order to solve this printing problem, simply blow the inside of your machine and pass a dry cloth on the internal walls of your printer. It is necessary to insist on the cleaning of the contacts (copper or silver color). Thus, your printer as well as your toner cartridges will be ready for printing.

The toner is almost empty: Empty toner can cause streaks because the toner is no longer evenly distributed in the cartridge. It often helps to remove the toner cartridge and gently swing it back and forth.
Clean the printer: Most laser printers can be cleaned through software. Also, the printer software sometimes includes self-diagnostics that can help you. You can also clean the printer by hand using a slider on the printer itself.
Install new toner. This is the only way to ensure that the problem is not with the toner or the toner cartridge.
A defective or dirty drum can also cause streaks. In this case, you need to replace the drum. However, this is not possible with all printers. It is best to contact a specialist dealer for this.

Causes of Laser Printer Prints Streaks Error

When the toner is defective or empty. The first thing you should do is check the toner if you see light streaks on the printout.
Biggest source of error image drum. Light streaks in the printed image can also be caused by the imaging drum.
Check the fuser unit. If the fuser unit is dirty or defective and thus no longer allows proper adhesion , streaks may appear during printing.

Is Your Laser Printer Prints Black Streaks?

Determine the Cause of Streaky Printouts

Especially as a layman, it is sometimes difficult to determine the cause of the “laser printer prints stripes” problem. We therefore recommend making several test prints. Although you use toner and paper in the process, you can better isolate the origins of the error.

If the printouts get lighter and the stripes clearer from time to time , then it is usually due to a defective or empty toner. Therefore, replace this consumable or shake it briefly. If, on the other hand , the toner can be smudged directly on the paper after printing , there is usually a fault in the fuser unit.
You should also pay attention to whether the stripes always appear in the same place or whether this varies. If the toner powder cannot be wiped away and the streaks are always in the same place , there is often a fault with the image drum.

Laser Printer Prints Streaks

If you are faced with the problem that your printer is printing stripes, the following step-by-step instructions can help you to correct the error. It is best to follow the order given here.

  1. Check settings
    Check your printer settings . The toner saving mode or other options can lead to errors, which then result in a streaky print.
    If in doubt, you can simply reset the settings to “default”. This way you can be sure that the printer settings are not the reason why your laser printer is printing streaks.
  2. Toners
    Often times the toner runs out and you need to replace the cartridge. However, check that the toner is actually empty by removing the cartridge from the laser printer and shaking it a few times to loosen any remaining toner powder. You can also take a look at the toner status of your printer. If the toner is empty, you will find the right accessories at fair conditions for most printers from well-known manufacturers at TonerPartner and even benefit from our volume discount for compatible toner cartridges or printer cartridges.
  3. Image drum
    The image drum can get dirty quickly and should therefore be either cleaned or replaced regularly. In both cases, you have to be very careful not to damage the sensitive components of the printer.
    Some printer models also offer cleaning via software. This can definitely help with very fine strips. If the strips cannot be removed with cleaning, the only thing that ultimately helps is to replace them.
  4. Fuser unit
    The fuser is another source of error. If this is defective or dirty , the toner powder can no longer adhere properly. If the stripe print is very consistent, this indicates a fault with the fuser.
    Cleaning is recommended in many cases. Otherwise the only solution is to replace the fuser unit.
  5. Cleaning
    It is always a good solution when cleaning your laser printer to help the longevity of your device . This also applies if you want to improve the print quality. Proceed with extreme caution, however, as the laser printer is very sensitive.
    It is best to use a special toner vacuum cleaner , which is perfectly adapted to the very fine powder. Otherwise, brushes, cotton swabs and cold water are also suitable for coarse soiling, as well as lint-free cloths (kitchen paper).

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