Can You Really Make Money Online on Facebook?

How Much Money do You Make on Facebook 

Facebook is still one of the largest social media platforms in the western world. This shows the great potential of the platform and of course there are a lot of ways to make money on Facebook.

Some of these are sources of income offered by Facebook itself, but there is also great potential for indirect income.

earn money on facebook

Money for Post/ Link

you can earn money indirectly with your own Facebook posts. In this way, paid posts are possible from companies that are willing to pay certain amounts depending on their own reach and target group. However, this will only work if you already have a good reach in the niche.

Another possibility are affiliate links in your own Facebook posts. Depending on the topic of your own Facebook page, you can integrate suitable affiliate links to products and services and earn money with them.

However, you should check every partner program you use to see whether it is allowed to advertise it on Facebook. And of course you shouldn’t overdo it.

Money for Video

Meanwhile, Facebook is also a serious video platform, where both live videos on all sorts of topics are popular, as well as classic on-demand videos. Here Facebook offers in-stream ads that can be used in both video formats.

You can choose between pre-roll, mid-roll and image ads and set them individually for each video, if desired.

However, there are a few prerequisites here. So you need to have at least 10,000 subscribers, 600,000 qualifying minutes watched in the last 60 days and 5 active videos on your own page. These are quite high requirements that are difficult to achieve, especially in smaller niches.

Money for Facebook Subscription

Similar to YouTube, there is also a fan subscription on Facebook, which is not available for every fan page. This is currently only possible by invitation from Facebook itself and a few requirements have to be met.

This is currently 10,000 subscribers or 250 returning viewers. In addition, 50,000 post interactions or 180,000 viewed minutes of your own videos are required.

But then you can offer exclusive bonus content and the like and offer a monthly subscription to your own fans. In the Facebook Creator Studio you can see under the item Monetization whether you are activated for it.

Money for Online Events

A fairly new feature on Facebook are paid online events that you can create. To do this, you set the date for a live event and choose whether you want to use Facebook Live or an external provider such as Zoom.

In addition, you set an access fee and  then can advertise this event in advance. However, you should already have a certain reach and a good reputation in order to attract enough participants.