Difference Between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org?

WordPress.com and WordPress.org Difference

wordpress.com VS wordpress.org : WordPress originally only functioned as a free blog interface full of ads. Later, a simple website could be brought together on this interface, and then a paid version was added to achieve ad-free access and eliminate the WordPress ending. It was only later that an opportunity was created to build on the WordPress engine, and instead of a plain blog interface, even ad-free websites and web stores could be created. Of course, wordpress.com remained a free interface, but wordpress.org was also created, which means freedom.

What is the difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com?

This free interface is especially recommended for those who want to try blogging, building a simpler website, and tracking statistics. It is great for practice and introduction, but it is not recommended for entrepreneurs if they want to introduce themselves or sell it with the website / blog.


  • Easy, free to use and templates
  • You can also create a blog or website
  • Operation, updates, and security features are the responsibility of WordPress
  • No domain and hosting required
  • You can set up an automatic link to Facebook where your blog posts appear automatically
  • You can see the statistics

Disadvantages of limited features:

  • The template has limited access and cannot be modified or uploaded to a custom template
  • You can only vary the extensions you specify. For example, you can put a newsletter box on your page, but you can’t choose which newsletter provider you want to send mail to.
  • If you don’t like the look, you can’t reach into the codes
  • Your domain name will have a .wordpress suffix because it’s not a good light for a business
differences between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

What to do if you want a website as an entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, you will have a much better reputation if you have a serious website. The minimum requirement is that the website be ad-free and have its own domain. That’s when wordpress.org comes in handy.


  • It can also be created with a small budget
  • You will have your own hosting and domain name
  • There are plenty of free or paid templates to choose from
  • You can install many free or paid extensions, all of which expand the features available on your website
  • If you don’t like something and the template doesn’t allow you to change it, you can reach out at the code level
  • Website editing plug-ins are also available. For example, Elementor or Divi make it easier and more spectacular to build your website
  • Ad free and no wordpress ending
  • You can customize it as much as you want: be it a blog, a website or a web store, and you get a completely free hand in terms of features and appearance


  • You need to buy a domain name and hosting space depending on what kind of content you want for your website and how much traffic your site will have. 
  • You need to download wordpress.org and then upload it to your storage. This may seem a bit problematic at first, but it’s not that complicated.
  • It is your job to maintain the interface and maintain security

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