Download App Locks for Android Mobile(Best App Lock)

Download App Locks for Android Mobile(Best App Lock)?

Today we have brought information about downloading App Lock for your Android phone. Through which you will be able to secure the privacy of the phone almost completely. With this you can also hide the app.

Many people always have this fear that no one should open the phone in their Absence. Apart from this, there are many such people who peep into other’s mobile phones. In such conditions, we can secure our phone through locking apps. To know the best app lock, definitely read the post further.

Why lock the app?: If you want to keep your personal information like – photo, bank detail, whatsapp chat safe in the phone, then download App Locker in your phone. Even if no one else touches your phone other than you, you must bring the app and use it.

Suppose your phone is lost or stolen, then at such a time it will keep all your private things safe. Apart from this, the phone will also be kept safe from children. Because while playing the game, children often move the phone’s settings around. You can also delete important files from the phone.

How to Lock App – Many phones have the default app lock feature. But advance is available by bringing you the best free app to lock apps. All you have to do is download any app locking app on your phone. After that you can lock all your private apps. So let’s know about the best lock apps .

How to Download App Lock?

To lock apps like whatsapp, facebook, gallery, setting and other private apps in your phone, you have to download app locking app. It is absolutely free on play store, whose list I am giving below.

  1. MAX AppLock

By bringing this app, it provides the best security to your phone. Through this you can lock your social app, gallery and other private app.

Its best feature is parental controls. Through which you can keep your phone’s settings safe from children. No one can delete your phone data or files without your permission. This app locker is available in free with 4.3 rating.

  1. AppLock

This is also the best app locker. Keeps all your private apps, files, images, videos safe. It comes with password, PIN, fingerprint lock. In which you can choose any lock option. It can also be made uninstall protected from its advance setting.

Its best feature is the attracting lock theme. Which makes your lock screen very attractive. This popular app locker with features like Media Vault is available for free on google play store with 4.3 rating.

  1. Smart Lock

This is also a great option to secure your privacy. Smart Lock keeps the phone smartly secure. It can lock apps as well as auto rotate screen. No one will be able to see locked apps, files, images, videos through it. That is, you can hide the app from it.In this PIN, Password or Pattern can be set. You can remove ads in it through reward ads palying. It has got 4.2 rating.

  1. AppLock Plus

It provides a different feature from other app lockers. In this, you can use your face as a password to unlock the app. That is, your face recognition is necessary to unlock the app.

This feature makes it different from others. In this you will also have to provide the password. So that if face recognition does not work, then you can unlock through password.

  1. CM Locker

In features, this is also not less than anyone. Attractive theme along with app lock system makes it the best. Powerful features like Intruder Selfie, Anti-Theft Protection have been given.

It has features like app lock as well as phone booster & battery saver. It has got 4.6 rating due to its powerful like App & screen lock.

Final Words:

All the app lockers given in it come with the best features. To secure our privacy, we can hide / lock any of these apps.I hope you have liked this article- the best app lock . By bringing these apps, we can keep our android phone quite safe.