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How to Secure Your Android Phone

As convenient as the Android phone is, it is also important to take its security, where the Internet is always on, so there is a risk of malware and spyware. In addition, there are some more problems with Android phone safe, if you use these security tips, you can avoid the problem –

Ways to protect your Android phone
  • Download New Apps From Google Play Store Yourself: The  biggest advantage of Android phones is that Play Store has the largest number of apps available in the world and millions of apps are available for free. Most people download apps from unreliable sites to download new apps on their mobile. In which the risk of malware and spyware remains. So download Apps from Google Play Store.
  • Don’t install unnecessary apps on the  phone : Keep your phone as clean as possible, many people install apps on their phone unnecessarily, due to which the speed of the phone decreases a lot and the phone is prone to virus, just install the necessary apps.
  • Use a password lock or pin lock on the phone:  Most people use a simple lock on their smartphone, but it is useless when your phone is lost, your phone data can be easily accessed by anyone except in case of password lock or pin lock. It is very unlikely.
  • Only turn on your phone’s Bluetooth if needed: Bluetooth on  most people’s phones is always on, it’s easy to hack your phone if Bluetooth is on, so turn on your phone’s Bluetooth when needed, otherwise turn it off.
  • You must use the remote control function on  your phone : If your phone is lost or stolen, you can easily locate your phone with the remote control function, it helps you to know the location of your phone using GPS and you also keep your data safe. You can.
  • Don’t forget to backup your phone:  Make sure to backup your Android phone, because if you ever need to format or reset the phone, you will get your data back, you can also backup your phone online if you want, so that data recovery can be done easily on any phone.
  • Refrain from buying cheap memory cards: There  are very cheap Chinese memory cards in the market, which we buy and use and also store our important data in these memory cards, after a while this memory card is automatically lost, or the phone hangs. Buy a memory card. Only good company. 
  • Make sure there is a cloud backup of data:  Cloud service is now providing a very good and free service so that you can take a cloud backup of your data, so that you can easily recover your important data in case of loss or damage to the phone. 
  •  Charge the phone with the original charger only:  Sometimes it happens that when the charger of our Android phone is bad, we charge our Android phone with a charger from the market, but by doing this you can ruin the Android phone, but only charge the charger phone of a good company.

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