How Beginners Earn Money Online through WhatsApp?

 Beginners Earn Money through WhatsApp

Who would not like a little extra money in their free time? Well, if you put batteries, you can get a lot out of your WhatsApp.

It is true, WhatsApp is the largest instant messaging network in the world, WhatsApp today has more than 2,000 million subscribers,  who monthly use the application to create and share approximately 100,000 million messages. And also make a billion calls daily.

But there are also those who use WhatsApp to earn extra money in their free time and in different ways. Although it is not an official app to do business, there are several opportunities (direct and indirect) to earn money through WhatsApp.

earn money through whatsapp

Read carefully and discover how, almost without doing anything, you can take a few extra money to your wallet.

Sign up for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way by which different products or services are promoted . And, if any conversions happen, you get a commission. By using WhatsApp you can share affiliate links with your friends and family. And  you can even place those links in your stories or status . If a purchase is made, they will give you a small commission.

Earn Money by Sharing Short Links

The short links are the links that you generate in an exclusive site to make short, the long links . When a person clicks on it, it first shows ads and then redirects them to the main page. If someone clicks on it, you get paid. This will give you a passive income and is the easiest way to make money with WhatsApp.

Cross Promotion

You can use WhatsApp to cross-promote with your other personal platforms, so you can help them increase revenue . For example, if you have a YouTube channel or service website, some of the traffic can be sent from this app . Hopefully it will give you views and you will become much more present among your contacts.

Share Apps between Your Contacts

There are several apps in the Google store that pay you a commission for every referral you make. These apps focus on different tasks that come to give you commission. By referring your friends and family, you can get paid to watch videos, read emails, complete surveys, download games and more .

Now that we have given you enough tricks to earn money through WhatsApp, it only remains to get creative and start sharing the ideas in your stories or status.