How Long Does A Football Match Last?


A football match lasts 90 minutes. A football match consists of two halves of 45 minutes. There is a 15 minute break between these two halves, also known as half time . The players can have a drink during half time , recover and discuss tactical matters.

In addition to regular playing time, there is also injury time at the end of both halves. This is the extra playing time that is added because the game has been temporarily stopped due to injury treatments and other events that have forced the referee to stop time. Stoppage time usually lasts one to five minutes per half. In exceptional cases it may extend further. They usually do this directly on their sports watch, so there is no point in wasting time.

Youth Football Playing Times
The football games of the youth differs with the playing time of the seniors. As the youth players get older, they start playing longer matches. The youngest players also play football on half a football field.

The stoppage time or stoppage time is the time added to the end of each half of a football match. The duration of this is at the discretion of the referee, but is approximately proportional to the length of the match delays.
The delays can be caused by injuries, general wastage of time, and time lost due to substitutions. While these may seem insignificant, stoppage time can allow the losing team to tie or even win the game.
Typically, the interruption for substitutions is 30 seconds per change. Since each team is allowed three subs, this can be up to 3 minutes.

Football Game


How Long Is A Football Match With Extra Time?

But the generally accepted variant is the following: if a match remains tied after the first 90 minutes, the match is extended by 30 minutes (2x 15 minutes).

Why Is A Football Match 90 Minutes?

The best answer. There was a time when football had no rules. The 90-minute game was then set and that is still the case today. 1897: The match now lasts 90 minutes.

How Long Does An Adult Football Match Last?

Game time: The total game time is 60 minutes. In 1 ‘normal’ game this is 2 x 30 minutes, where half is changed.

How Long Was The Longest Football Match Ever?

Longest football match ever lasts 36 hours While most people enjoyed a weekend off last weekend, 36 Britons played the longest football match ever.

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