How to Add Auto Refresh Code in Website? Auto Load Website

If you want to control when and how web pages are automatically refreshed, there are several workarounds. In a perfect world, a webpage would be refreshed regularly by setting a control that changes the frequency.

How to Add Auto Refresh Code in Website?

There are cases where you want to automatically update the WEB page regularly, such as when the information on the WEB page is updated frequently and you want to deliver the latest information to the user. There is a method to automatically update (force reload) the WEB page only with HTML without waiting for the user to reload the page.

How to Automatically Update a Web Page

With a meta refresh setting, the page will automatically refresh after the number of seconds passed to the content. In this way, you can automatically update the page just by adding one line to the HTML.

Automatically Refresh Web Pages of your website

Auto refresh code in HTML using meta tags

    <title>Auto Refresh in 7 Second</title>
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="7" />

If this Code not work for you, You can try Other method:

HTML (<meta http-equiv = "refresh" content = "; URL = ">))
First, let's do an automatic reload with just HTML. Specify the attribute of
<meta>the element and specify the number of seconds and the URL of the redirect destination in the attribute. This alone will allow the browser to auto-reload at specific times at (n / s) intervals. * Please be careful not to mix it with the delivered items.

Add Auto Refreshing System to your website or blog site

We see auto refresh system in many sites. This means that the web site will be refreshed automatically after a certain period of time. You may ask, what is the benefit? The profit will not be too much! But I will say that the benefit will be. You must have noticed for yourself that we often go to a blog or web site and visit another tab for a while. On the other hand, I may have forgotten to close that site. So long as the site does not move! Now, as the owner of that site, if you had an auto refresher installed on the site, the site would be refreshed after a certain time. On the one hand, the page view of your site would increase and on the other hand, if any new information or tune came to the site, it would also be updated.

Today I will show you how to add this auto refresh system to the website. The work is very straightforward. Notice the following steps:

First go to the HTML code of your web site or blog site template.
Find the code or tag named <head> from the site's HTML code.
Place the code after the <head> tag.

<meta content = '10; url = /' http-equiv = 'refresh' />

You can change your desired number. This means that the site will be automatically refreshed after as many seconds as you put here. So put as many seconds as you want to refresh the site. Replace the (ur=/ link) with your web site or blog site.

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