How to Block Ad on Android? Hide Advertisement in Chrome

Block Ad on Android

Block pop-ups in Chrome : When viewing a web page on a smartphone, a large advertisement may be displayed on the entire screen, which may be annoying to many people. So, in this article, We will show you how to hide ads, Block Ad on Android smartphone.

Use Chrome’s ad blocking feature

Many Android users are using Google’s standard browser, Chrome.

Chrome has an ad blocking feature that allows you to hide prominent ads in your settings. Follow the procedure below to make the settings.

Open chrome browser and Select Settings from the Chrome menu.

Select Site Settings at the bottom of the setting screen.

Then tap on Advertisement or Ad

If the setting is ON, turn it OFF.

The setting is complete when the screen above shows “Block” instead of “Allow”. This will prevent you from seeing any noticeable ads, so don’t forget to set it if you find it annoying.

How to Block Pop-Up Adverts on Android

How to hide pop-ups in Chrome

Although it is not an advertisement, the “pop-up” that is displayed when you access a web page can also be hidden by setting, so we will also introduce it.

Open your chrome browser

Select Settings> Site Settings> Pop-ups and Redirects

If the setting is ON permitted, turn it OFF.

As with the advertisement, if “Block (recommended)” is displayed instead of “Allow”, the setting is complete. This hides the pop-ups that you may see when you visit a web page.

Use an ad blocking app

By installing ad block apps, you can hide many of the ads that were originally displayed. However, it does not cover all ads and block them, so some people may find it inadequate.

In such a case, one option is to use an app that specializes in “ad blocking”.

Final Words: If you don’t want to see more ads than you need, you can block them this way.

There are some ads that can trigger you to meet attractive products and useful services, but you still want to avoid over-advertising.

Let’s live a comfortable online life while balancing well with the block function.

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