How to Connect Mobile to TV (Smart and Non Smart).

How to Connect Mobile to TV : Here we will know how to connect your smart LED TV and normal TV with your mobile? What is the method for this. Today smart phones, smart TVs and many smart gadgets have arrived. If you have bought smart or non smart TV from Sony, LG, Samsung or any other company, then you can connect it in your Android mobile. But most of the people do not know its setting so they face trouble in connecting.

Friends, we buy LED TV mostly of two types. One Smart LED TV and the other Non Smart LED TV . In both these types of TV, you can connect your mobile and play it. But the way of connecting these two is different. Let us first tell you how to connect Smart TV to mobile.

How to connect Smart LED TV to Mobile?

If you have bought a Smart LED TV then you will not have any problem in connecting it to your mobile. All smart LED TVs have the option of Screen Mirroring, through which you will be able to connect your mobile to the TV. Let us understand it step by step.

Step-1 First of all take the remote of your Smart LED TV in your hand. After that press the SYNC MENU given in it.

Step-2 As soon as you press SYNC MENU in the remote, you will see different options in the TV. In this, the option of Screen Mirroring will appear at the bottom. Select this option from the UP & Down button of the remote.

Step-3 Now Open Your Android Mobile. First of all turn on WiFi. Then you will see the option of Smart View in the sliding menu . Note that this option can be under different names in different mobiles. You will find this option in the connection setting in the mobile setting. After getting this setting, turn it on.

Step-4 As soon as you turn on the option of smart view or screen mirroring or screen cast in your mobile, it will start scanning. After scanning for some time, the model number of your Smart LED TV will appear. Tap on corresponding model number to connect.

Step-5 As soon as you select the model number of the TV, your mobile will start connecting to the TV. After some time the screen of the mobile will appear in the TV. This means that your mobile has been connected to your Smart LED TV. Now you can also watch your mobile photos and videos on TV.

In this way we can easily connect our smart tv with android mobile. Apart from screen mirroring, you can also connect via USB cable, Bluetooth etc. But the best option among all these is screen mirroring. Let us now know how to connect normal or non smart TV to mobile.

How to connect Normal/ Non Smart TV to Mobile?

If you have purchased a non smart led tv then you will not get the feature of screen mirroring to connect it to mobile. That is, a normal TV does not already have this facility. But you can convert your normal TV into Smart TV by using a gadget . For this you have to buy a small device called Chromecast . After connecting it to your normal TV, the facility of screen mirroring will also be turned on. After that you will also be able to connect it with your mobile.

(i) First of all you buy this Chromecast device. You can order it online from Amazon.

(ii) Once you have your Chromecast device, plug it into the USB port of your normal TV.

(iii) After this turn on the option of WiFi and Screen Mirroring in your mobile.

(iv) Now Chromecast device will appear in mobile. Tap it.

(v) After this your mobile will be connected to the TV.

In this way, with the help of this Chromecast device, you will be able to connect a normal TV to mobile. If you have a non smart TV in your house, then this Chromecast device is very useful.

Final Words:

How to Connect Mobile to TV, its complete information step by step is explained here in a simple way. Now you will be able to connect your smart LED TV and normal ie non smart TV with mobile. Information about connecting Smart LED TV and Normal TV to mobile can be very useful for all of us. So do share this post. Thank You!

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