How To Fix A Printer Paper Jam Error?

A “paper jam” is when a sheet of paper gets stuck in the printer. Printer paper jams and the causes that cause them are a common topic on printers and copiers, and an endless source of frustration.


If the type of paper used is not suitable for printing, if you have opted for a higher or lower weight or format than that accepted by the equipment, or if you have made an incorrect configuration in the options of the machine, all of these can cause printer paper jams , either because the machine cannot handle that media or because it was expecting to handle another different type of paper.

Why do Printer Paper Jams?

The “false jam”: this is when a “paper jam” message appears on the printer screen, but there are no jammed sheets. This could be because the printer could not feed the paper and/or there is only one sheet of paper in the tray.
‘Multifeed’: Occurs when more than one sheet has been taken and the machine perceives that a longer length of paper has been fed than allowed.
‘Bad media’: This is due to the fact that at the origin of the jam the type of paper is not suitable for printing, because it is of a weight higher or lower than the limits established for the material of the printer. ‘impression.

How to Avoid Paper Jams?

Use suitable sheets of paper. Whether it’s a laser or inkjet printer, the type of paper is of the utmost importance. Avoid so-called “all-purpose papers” or sheets that are heavier or lighter than the printer to be used accepts.
Also, do not use paper that is damaged, with bent corners, that are wrinkled, curled, etc.
Make sure the sheets of paper are not damp, this causes condensation inside the printer, so the paper should be dry and properly stored at room temperature before use.
It is recommended to reload the paper trays of the printer in the morning when you arrive and not at the end of the day when you leave. This way the paper will be less damp than if it had been left overnight in a machine.

Solution of Paper Jam in Printer

What to do With a Paper Jam?

You can try to remove the paper, always in the direction of the rollers and in the direction of the feed so that the paper does not tear. If there is difficulty or a lot of resistance when pulling the paper, you can turn the rollers very gently in the feed direction.
In cases where the printer is laser, the toner must be removed to better see how the paper is jammed.
If the jam is caused by a multi-feed, try fanning the paper: first one side, then the other, and tap gently. Do not knock twice or the paper will compact again, causing another jam.
It is not recommended to disassemble the printer, or to carry out risky movements that could damage it. Your best bet would be to go to a technical printer repair service.

Possible Solutions for Removing Jammed Paper

Follow your printer manufacturer’s instructions. Open the side door. Move the areas marked in blue or green to locate the jammed paper. Remove with both hands by slowly and gently pulling the paper.
Be very careful if the fixing unit is close and very hot. If the sheet of paper is torn, make sure you have removed all the pieces to avoid future jams . Close each door completely and gently.
You should also be careful not to get dirty, as you may get ink stains on your hand and clothes.

Final Words:

Be sure to store paper properly. Paper absorbs a lot of moisture and this can cause printing problems if you haven’t stored it well in a dry place. Try to remove the paper from its packaging only when you start printing.

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