How To Fix Ink Cartridges Not Recognized Error?

The printer is the essential tool in the office and at home. However, it is only a machine and machines sometimes have problems. And it is precisely the older models that have them, which leads to very annoying situations. But, you have to keep calm. One of the most common problems with inkjet printers is their inability to recognize cartridges. A printer not recognizing cartridges is a serious problem, but you can fix it with a few tips and tricks.

Printer Does Not Recognize Cartridges

You are printing with your device and everything is fine for you. Yet you often don’t think about how full the cartridges are , so it’s only after you get the warning message that you think, “Oops, I need new printer cartridges.” » You then buy new ones that are suitable for your printer model.
As soon as you have your new cartridges in hand, you can replace the old ones. Then, when you are told that the printer does not recognize the cartridges, frustration sets in, especially because you have invested money in the new accessory.
We often mistakenly think that the error is at the level of the cartridge and we then throw the entire model. However, the problem is not fixed with another cartridge and the error message still appears. In such a case, you can be sure that the problem is not with the cartridge. The following tips help you identify and fix the real problem, so the printer can resume working as soon as possible.

Possible Causes of Errors

Before despairing, check the cartridge first . First of all, you should know that it doesn’t matter whether you chose an original cartridge or a compatible model. Compatible cartridges are faithful to the original models, so there can be no design problems. The “Printer does not recognize the cartridges” error is an annoying hassle that is not caused by the quality of the cartridges. However, you must first examine these closely.
Make sure you have purchased the correct cartridges for your printer.In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to get a letter or number wrong. As a result, the cartridge is correctly identified by the device as unsuitable. It’s annoying, but it’s not the end of the world, because you can simply return the wrong cartridge and ask for the correct product or a refund.

Cartridge Error

You will always find the correct cartridge model in the printer’s user manual, on the manufacturer’s website or on the empty cartridge.

Make sure you have inserted the cartridge correctly . To do this, follow the instructions on the cartridge packaging.
The cartridge should always insert with an audible click. Many customers are not forthright enough with the cartridges when handling them, so the non-recognition issue is simply due to the cartridge not being inserted correctly.
It is also essential to correctly unpack the cartridge before inserting it. Remove the protective film and all remnants of packaging. Often a small band remains on the chip and prevents the printer from recognizing the cartridge.
Of course, you may just be unlucky and the cartridge may be defective . In this case, replace the damaged cartridge and immediately receive another one in its place.

How To Fix Ink Cartridges Not Recognized Error

Printer Error

The error may not come from the cartridge only, but also from the printer. Now turn your attention to your device. Older models in particular can cause a lot of problems, so the decision to buy a new device isn’t such a bad idea after all.

If the printer does not recognize certain cartridges only, you cannot blame the error on the printer. In such a case, the problem comes only from the cartridges. What it means: If you swapped cyan, magenta, black, and yellow, and all colors are recognized except black, the cartridge is defective.
Also test other cartridges if possible. If these are not recognized either, there is a hardware problem.
A simple trick, but very useful in many situations, is to restart the printer.
Also make sure that the latest version of the driver is installed. If not, just download from the Internet and install the latest version of the printer driver.

Printer Error Ink Cartridges Not Recognize

A printer is a sensitive device that consists of many small parts. If these don’t work well with each other, there may be problems. Inkjet printer nozzles are particularly at risk. This is why we recommend that you carry out a nozzle test beforehand. Printer cartridge nozzles have many electrical resistors that work as ink heaters.
When a drop of ink is released, an electric current passes through the resistor. The resistor heats the small amount of ink very quickly. Then follows an explosive expansion of the drop of ink, which forms on the surface of the resistor. A vapor bubble is generated at the same time and pushes the ink out of the cartridge plunger.
If one or more resistors are overheated due to insufficient ink flow , signs of failure will occur during printing. The ink certainly continues to flow through the cartridge, but it does not arrive on the paper.

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