How to Fix Printer “Driver is Not Available” Error in Windows 10/11?

Fix Printer Driver is Unavailable in Windows

When trying to print, scan, or just add a new printer, some users may encounter a pop-up message saying Driver is not available . While this issue can occur with any printer in use, the most reported ones are usually those made by HP, in part because it’s a popular company used by so many people. Typically, the most common reason for this error to appear is the lack of some driver or system updates. Either way, fixing the problem shouldn’t deprive you of too much time and effort.

Run Windows Printer Troubleshooter

The first thing we usually advise people to do is run Windows’ built-in troubleshooter. Your operating system already has a set of Microsoft troubleshooting tools designed for various devices to help detect and fix basic issues with them. Follow the steps below to try it yourself:

For Windows 11 users:
Right-click on the Start Menu button at the bottom of your desktop taskbar and choose Settings .
In the left pane, navigate to System and then Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters on the right side.
Find the Printer Troubleshooter and click on the Run button to launch it.
Let Windows figure things out and apply available fixes to the problem, if any.

For Windows 10 users:
Right-click on the Start Menu button at the bottom of your desktop taskbar and choose Settings . You can also press Windows Key + I buttons instead.
Click Update & Security then navigate to Troubleshoot > Additional Troubleshooter .
Select Printer and click Run Troubleshooter .
Wait for Windows to find possible solutions and apply them to the error.

Make Sure Your System is Up to Date

Many people underestimate the potential of new updates to fix various issues. In fact, it is important to keep your system updated to ensure better security and operability of your PC. We therefore recommend that you check for new updates and install them, if available:

To install new updates in Windows 11:
Open Settings as we already did in the first method.
Go to Windows Update and click Check for updates .
Wait for Windows to find new updates and install them. If new updates were already pending, you can install them immediately without checking for them.

To install new updates in Windows 10:
Click Settings and Update & Security as done in the above method.
Next, navigate to Windows Update and click Check for updates .
If updates have already been found, you just need to download and install them.

Update/Reinstall Printer Driver

As mentioned above, one of the most potential reasons why you are facing the “Driver is not available” message is due to faulty or missing drivers for the printer. So, follow these steps below to reinstall them, making sure they are updated:

Right-click on the Start Menu icon and select Device Manager .
In the opened tab, find and expand a section called Printers .
Right click on your printer driver, select Uninstall and follow the on-screen instructions.

From there, there are now alternatives following the above – you can either restart your PC and wait for Windows to install new drivers for your printer itself, or go to the developer’s website. printer and download the drivers directly from it. This last option should be even better since you will know that you have now installed the correct drivers. If nothing has changed, then it wasn’t a problem, it seems.

Fix Printer Driver is Unavailable in Windows

Check Integrity of System Files

The last, but not the least, is to check if all the system files are properly there. It could be missing or damaged files that cause incompatibility issues while using your printer or any other possible device. We will both use SFC (System File Checker) and DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) utilities, which will detect and restore missing components, if any. Be sure to use both utilities as they may have a different impact on resolving the issue. This is how:

Using SFCs
Open Command Prompt by typing cmd in the search loop next to Start Menu .
Right-click on Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator .
Once the console opens, type the sfc /scan now command and click Enter .
After the repair process is complete, restart your computer.

Using DISM
Open Command Prompt as we did in the previous step.
Copy and paste this command DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restore health.
Click Enter and wait for Windows to finish scanning and repairing.
Once done, restart your PC and try to open the problematic program again.
After performing these two scans, try using your printer again.

FAQ to Solve Error on Windows ” Printer Driver Unavailable”

Why are you getting “The printer driver is not available” error on Windows?
Your printer driver is missing or not installed correctly, Your printer driver is corrupt, Your printer driver is not compatible with your PC, Your printer driver the driver is out of date, Windows Update needs to be installed.

How to fix “The printer driver is not available” error in Windows?
Reconnect the printing device, Update your printer driver through Windows, Install printer drivers manually, Install generic printer driver, Update Windows.


However, we hope that you have taken the problem to its final conclusion and that you will not have any more problems trying to use a printing device again. Share this article with your friends and family who are frustrated with the same “Printer driver is not available error in windows”, and they can also get the much needed help you need.

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