How To Fix Printer Not Printing Black Ink?

Most printers have an ink level warning feature that alerts you when ink is low or out of ink. If the ink level is low or out of ink, replace or refill your ink cartridges to solve this problem.

Why Does My Printer Not Print the Color Black?

If you recently replaced your black ink cartridge and the printer still does not print black, check to see if the cartridge is installed correctly. Installation errors can prevent the ink from flowing properly, making your black print impossible. Try removing the ink cartridge, reinstalling it, and checking if it is seated correctly to resolve the issue.

Are the Ink Nozzles Clogged?

If black ink fails to come out of the cartridge or the print quality is poor, it may be due to clogged ink nozzles. When the ink nozzles are clogged, the ink cannot come out properly and the print quality is very poor. To solve this, many printer models have an ink nozzle cleaning function, which you can use to remove blockages and allow ink to come out freely. Consult your printer manual to learn how to enable this feature.
If the ink nozzle cleaning function does not solve the problem and your printer is still unable to print black, you should consider manually cleaning the ink nozzles. To do this, you will need to remove the black ink cartridge and use a soft, lint-free cloth dampened with ink-cleaning fluid to clean the printhead and nozzles. Once you have cleaned the nozzles, reinstall the cartridge and see if black printing is working properly.

Black Ink Not Printing

Are the Print Settings Correct?

It is also possible that your printer is not configured to print in black. Print settings can be changed to include or exclude the color black when printing. Verify that your document’s print settings are correct and that the color black is selected for printing. If the black color is not selected, select it and print again to see if that solves the problem.
It is also possible that the print settings are incorrect due to a printer driver update or a change in the printer settings. Check the printer settings and make sure everything is set up correctly to allow black printing.

Does the Problem Come from the Hardware?

If all the above solutions fail to fix the problem and your printer still cannot print black, it may be due to a technical problem in your printer. In this case, you should contact a technician or your printer’s customer service to find a solution.
Sometimes your printer’s internal components can be damaged or faulty, preventing black printing. In this case, the printer technician will need to diagnose the problem and replace the damaged components to fix the problem.

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