How To Fix Printer Not Printing Colors Correctly?

Whether you are an individual or a professional, you have surely already experienced this situation. You create a poster or a catalog on software dedicated to this type of content. You choose the right printing colors to achieve a perfect design, you print hoping for an optimal result. However, you notice a color difference between the screen and your print?

Why Does My Printer No Longer Print in Color?

When you launch a color print , if you wonder why your printer no longer prints in color or why the colors of your printers are pale , here are all the steps and actions to put in place to solve your printer color problem printing.

It is possible that it comes from the print resolution you have selected or from a print option that has not been checked. Indeed, selecting too high a resolution, for example, is not necessarily the right solution to adopt.

Go to your printer’s print driver and select all the options you want to apply to your document, such as the print mode and resolution. But also the intensity and color calibration .

The type of paper can also play a crucial role in the rendering of your prints and your colors. Indeed, the paper you want to use for your printing must conform to the format of your document in order to contribute positively to the final result. Remember, therefore, to choose your paper carefully and to select the option concerning this parameter in your printing software.

Why Are Your Impressions too Light?

You should know that prints that are too light announce a print quality that is reduced by the use of empty ink cartridges or by too many prints.
It will therefore be necessary:
Check that your ink cartridges are not empty. If your cartridges are empty, you will need to replace them with new cartridges.
A large number of prints can also degrade the print quality of your printer . In this case, we advise you to let the printer rest for a few minutes between 2 large quantities of prints.

Printer Not Printing in Colour

What if the Colors Are Uneven or Dull?

You may experience several print color issues when your printer no longer prints correctly in color. Indeed, if you have a laser printer , you can correct the colors by changing the print settings via your computer.
Remember to configure the print color modes , image resolution and type of print you want before starting your print. If your printer does not print colors or prints in grayscale, Draft mode (or Eco mode ) may be selected. In this case, remember to select the right type of printing in order to obtain better rendering and quality color prints.

A Color is Missing When Printing?

Print the print test page for printheads and/or nozzles
Check that the print patterns are suitable. Otherwise, do up to 3 printhead cleaning procedures
Check that the print settings match the type of paper being used
Select the appropriate print options like your printer’s print quality and printer calibration.
If no improvement is seen, you will need to replace the cartridge.

Colors Are Mixed on Your Prints?

This concerns, more particularly, laser ink cartridges . This problem is due to a build-up of ink over time in your printer.

Make sure that each cartridge is inserted into the correct slot. If this is not the case, correctly replace each cartridge in its dedicated slot
Check that no cartridge is leaking. If so, replace it with a new ink cartridge
Perform automatic printhead cleaning. If that’s not enough, you can make several, until the colors meet your expectations.
Launch the printhead or nozzle print test page.

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