How to Fix Printer Offline Error Message?

Sometimes the printer is suddenly offline. Although the printer is correctly connected, it is displayed offline: this is a common problem, even for experienced users. However, this problem can be solved in a few steps. Once the problem is solved, you can continue to use the printer. If you are unable to change the status of the printer, you will find advice and tips from the various manufacturers.

How to Fix Printer Offline Error Message?

General Tips if your Printer is Showing Offline

Here you will find general solutions in case your printer is displayed offline for an extended period of time. Please also follow the instructions in your printer manufacturer’s manual. The following tips and tricks for changing your printer status from offline to online are just guidelines for the different printers available in the market. The solution to the problem is often very simple. In case of difficulties, contact your manufacturer’s support service.

Printer Offline USB connection

If your printer is connected via USB to your computer and is displayed offline, please check the following:

Check if your printer is turned on and properly connected . Errors in the USB device driver are indicated by a yellow symbol at the bottom right of the taskbar. Try plugging the printer into another USB port on your computer.
If your printer or multifunction device has switched to power saving mode during operation, this may also be the reason why the printer is showing offline. In this case, restart the printer and reconnect it to the computer.
If your printer is not allowed by Windows settings, you can simply open the Windows Control Panel, click on “View devices and printers” and then right-click on your printer to display a status window. There you will find the menu item “Printer properties”. Now check the “Allow” box in the “Security” tab. The printer is then no longer displayed offline.
Sometimes it may help to reinstall the printer driver and then reregister the printer with the driver installed in the system. To do this, simply follow the installation instructions in the printer’s manual. Check if a new updated version of the driver is available on your printer manufacturer’s page.

How to Fix Error Printer Offline

Offline Wireless Printer

Network issues are the most common cause for a wireless printer to show offline. In addition to the general advice given earlier on the page (installing the driver, checking the printer, Windows security issues), here you will find useful advice on how to use your wireless printer again and change the printer status to ” On line ” :
Make sure your printer is turned on and check the wifi light on your router . Your printer can only be viewed online if your router is turned on and wi-fi is properly enabled. The printer must be on the same Wi-Fi network as your computer.
Re-enter your router’s password and IP address on the printer or in the software . Follow the instructions in your manual to properly register the printer on the wi-fi network. Your printer can only be registered with the correct password and IP address. It will then appear online.
Check if any error code is displayed on your device screen . In case of problems with printer accessories (toners, drum unit, printer cartridges), some printers are displayed offline. Please contact your printer manufacturer’s support service and quote the error code.
Check if the amount of paper loaded in the printer is sufficient and there is no paper jam.
View your devices and printers in the printer software or Windows Control Panel and exclude general error messages. Many printers also offer an internal check routine and thus provide detailed error messages.
Check if you have enabled wi-fi on the computer.

Printer Offline Shown Multiple Times in Device Manager

Another problem that can result in print orders not being executed is that the device is listed multiple times in the computer’s list of devices, so the computer cannot determine which printer should be used. If the printer is additionally displayed offline, please follow the next steps to be able to use it again.

  1. Go to “Devices and Printers” and delete the printer.
  2. Then restart the computer.
  3. Stop all printing functions of the printer. This is possible via the button on the printer or the start bar.
  4. Enter “printui.exe /s /t2” in the start menu search bar and start the search. Start this function and completely remove the driver suite from the printer.
  5. You should then be able to manually delete all print objects in device manager.
  6. The computer must be restarted at the end of this procedure.
  7. Then manually install the printer and check if it now appears online and if you find it multiple times in device manager.

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