How to Fix Printer Spooler Problems on Windows?

What is the Windows Printer Spooler Service?

Windows print spooler: In the event of a problem, you need to know how to find, restart or even repair this service integrated into the system. The print spooler is a Windows “service” that starts when the system starts. However, sometimes the print spooler misfires with error messages like “Processing cannot continue because the print queue service has been stopped”.
Fortunately, even though it is a service running in the background, the print spooler is not a program hidden in the depths of Windows and it is possible to regain control of it in the event of a problem. There is even a free utility to get it back on its feet in the event of a severe crash. Here’s how.

How to Access the Windows Print Spooler?

The print spooler is a Windows service in the same way as the Automatic configuration of connected devices or Windows Search , the system search engine, for example. Here’s how to access it.

Right-click on the Start menu. From the pop-up menu, choose Computer Management.
In the window that appears, expand the Services and Applications section in the left pane, click on Services and then find Print Spooler in the central part. Double click on it.
The Print Spooler Properties window opens. Here you can change how this service starts from the Startup type drop-down menu : Automatic is the default option that starts the service when Windows starts; Manual , to activate it whenever you want; Disabled to not launch it (if you never use a printer on this PC).
If the print spooler encounters some difficulties, you can stop it by clicking on the eponymous button. Just activate the Start button to relaunch it.

How to Unblock the Print Spooler?

Sometimes the Windows Print Spooler malfunctions by crashing systematically. The reason may be a corrupt print file or a bug that stopping and restarting the spooler is not enough to fix. Here’s how to find an operational service.

If you think the printing problem is with the file you are trying to print, remove it from the print spooler queue. To do this, open the C:\windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS folder . Select the affected file and remove it from the folder.
You can also use the free FixPrint Spooler utility. This tool does not require any installation. Download it then open the repatriated Zip archive with a double click on the folder. Drop the FixPrintS app on the desktop.
Double click on the executable. It will take care of emptying the waiting list and restarting the print spooler. When the operation is complete, you are notified by a message near the notification area. You can rerun your prints as normal.

Print Spooler Service Is Not Running in Windows

What is Print Spooling?

In computing, spooling is an acronym for simultaneous peripheral operations on-line or simultaneous peripheral operations online. This sends the tasks (or jobs) in a buffer, a special area of ​​memory or disk where the device can access when ready. The print spooler is a dedicated program/software that basically manages the order of documents to be routed to the print queue.
The print spooler is a service that starts at system startup. This software puts in queue (spooling in English) all the print jobs that you launch. Each document is then stored in memory and then processed by the printer according to its order of arrival.

How do I Resolve Printer Spooling Errors?

If you have PaperCut, your print jobs are queued in the order they enter the system. This is especially useful in a Find-Me printing environment where you have multiple printers or print queues .

As for troubleshooting, it all depends on the cause of the problem, sometimes you have to look at:

Improved Windows Print Spooler stability.
Any print jobs stuck with the “Printing” status.
A slow connection with Windows print servers.
Troubleshooting missing or missing print jobs.

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