How to Fix Your Printer Encountered an Unexpected Configuration Problem

Printers are very useful in our working life. When we see errors while printing the documents on our Windows, it disrupts the flow. There are various reasons why the error Your printer has encountered an unexpected configuration problem has occurred. This could be due to outdated drivers, incorrect print entries, third-party programs interfering with the print program, or a misconfigured printer on the network. The reasons for the error may differ from each other. But the solutions are a few that work with every user. Let’s see what they are and how we can fix the error.

Your printer has encountered an unexpected configuration problem

Printer configuration error 0x8007007e and other similar error codes can be fixed easily by running the printer troubleshooter, updating the drivers, and reconnecting the printer. Some users encounter errors when trying to print documents. They see the Your printer has encountered an unexpected configuration problem with error code 0x800700c1 , 0x80070002 , 0x80040154 , 0x8007007e , 0x8000ffff , or 0x80004003. In this guide, we show you how to correct the error and print the documents as usual.

How do I Fix Printer Misconfigurations?

The following fixes are the best ways to resolve printer configuration error 0x800700c1, 0x80070002, 0x80040154, 0x8007007e, 0x8000ffff or 0x80004003 on your Windows. Let’s go into the details of each method and see how they are done. Here’s how to easily fix Your printer has encountered an unexpected configuration problem.

Your Printer has Encountered an Unexpected Configuration Problem
Run the Printer Troubleshooter

Troubleshooters are great features for fixing problems in Windows. There are various troubleshooters that allow you to fix the issues we are facing. Running the printer troubleshooter will find the errors that have occurred and attempt to resolve the issues easily. Run it and see if it fixed the problem.

Update Your Printer Driver

It is possible that the outdated drivers are causing the error. The best solution to fix it, in this case, is to update the printer driver. You can do this through the settings or manually. Update the drivers and check if the issue is resolved.

Reconnect The Printer

Unplug the printer and delete all of its entries on your PC. Reconnect the printer and set it up again. Any default settings you saved will be gone, but this is one way to fix issues with the printer.

Temporarily Disable Print Spooler

Print Spooler on your PC stores data of all print jobs you have created. Temporarily disable the print spooler and re-enable it. Try using the printer again and see if the problem has been resolved.

Share The Printer on the Network

If you try to print the documents through a network-connected printer that is not shared or configured correctly, you may see the error Your printer encountered an unexpected configuration problem (0x800700c1). Disable printer sharing and re-enable it. This should solve the problem.

How do I fix my printer that encountered an unexpected configuration problem?

Recently, many Windows users are reporting the Your printer encountered an unexpected configuration problem error. What happens is that their printer doesn’t print anything, and the message pops up with codes like 0x80070002, 0x80040154 . If you also encounter this situation, don’t worry – it’s often not difficult to solve.
If you encounter an unexpected configuration problem with your printer, try configuring the printer again, clearing the print spooler, and updating the drivers. These should help you fix misconfigurations with your printer.


How do I Repair Printer Configuration 0x8007007e?

To fix this 0x8007007e error , you need to follow the following steps one by one.

Update machine drivers.
Download and update with the latest software.
Update your operating system.
Delete unnecessary files from the print spooler .
Run the troubleshoot function.
Finally, reinstall the printer.

How can I Fix My Printer that Encountered an Unexpected Configuration Problem?

If you are facing 0x8007007e unexpected configuration issue with printer, try these steps to fix this issue.

Run Microsoft Windows Troubleshooter.
Update printer drivers HP, Epson, Canon…
Clear print spooler files.
Check the sharing of your machine on the network.

What does 0x8007007e mean?

This is happening due to a bug in Windows 10 update. There are some files on the computer that are deleted in this update process. Try updating the driver from Windows Device Manager or manufacture website directly. This will resolve it.

Final Words:

Hopefully, the article pointed you in the right direction to fix Your printer has encountered an unexpected configuration problem . If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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