How to Install a Printer on Windows, macOS & Smartphone?

How to Add a Printer to Windows 10?

To add a printer to Windows 10:
1) Go to Settings.
2) Then Devices.
3) Then Printers and Scanners.
4) Click on the + sign “Add a printer or a scanner”.
Install the printer drivers from the manufacturer’s site in the event of a problem.

How to Add a Printer to macOS Big Sur?

To add a printer to MacOS Big Sur or Monterey:
1) Go to “Settings and Features“.
2) Then in “Printers and scanners“.
3) Click on the “+” sign at the bottom left.
4) Choose the printer to install by clicking on it.
5) Install the printer by clicking on “Add” at the bottom right.
6) Wait for macOS to install printer drivers then exit windows

How to Install Printer

How to Connect a Printer in WPS?

To connect a printer in WPS, you will need:
1) Activate the Wifi of your Box.
2) Then press the WPS button on your Box or activate WPS pairing from its management interface, depending on the model.
3) Next, enter the printer’s Wifi menu to initiate WPS pairing.
You must complete both steps within two minutes or start over.

How to Print from a Smartphone?

1) Connect the printer to the local network via Ethernet cable or Wifi
2) Then download the print plugin for your printer brand, from the Android Playstore or from the iOS AppStore.
3) Make sure you are connected to WiFi on the same network as your printer, to be safe, temporarily disable the mobile network (4G, 5G).
4) Next, choose your printer in the print menu of the application from which you wish to print, then validate the print.

How to Connect a Printer to the Local Network?

To connect a printer to the local network, connect the printer by Ethernet cable or WiFi to your network. It will then be detected by all the devices on your local network: telephone, computers, tablets.

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