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Whatever program you choose, the downloading process will remain the same. Here is how to download any Webroot product to your device in a safe manner:

Browse the website on your computer.
From the top menu bar, there would be an option to log in to the Webroot website.
If you wish to log in, please press that option.
If you wish to register, click on the ‘Register’ button from the top menu.
On the registration page, carefully follow the instructions and mention your details correctly.
After you have logged in to your account, go to the ‘Products’ tab and select a product to download.
The website will invite you to purchase the product subscription.
Follow it to complete the purchase process.
Once you have purchased the product, it will guide you to download the product.
Follow the instructions on your screen provided by the website to start the downloading.
As soon as the download begins, stay back and let it complete.
Do not use other applications on your computer during the download process since it can interrupt the download.
As the download completes, you will be able to close the website.

webroot sign in login to my account

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How to Install Webroot Safe?

If you wish to install it on your device after the downloading process, please pay attention to the suggestions provided here:

On your browser, click on the three vertical dots located on the web browser’s upper right corner.
After that, a new dropdown will appear on your screen.
Carefully identify and tap the ‘Downloads’ button from the drop-down list.
After pressing the ‘Downloads’ button, a new tab will appear on your screen portraying all your downloaded files.
The recently downloaded file you just obtained from will appear on the top of the Downloads list.
Double click to open it.
Press the ‘Yes’ button on the screen to continue.
The End-user license agreement will now appear on your computer screen.
You cannot go ahead with the installation process without accepting it.
To accept it, please tick the checkbox saying ‘I agree’ that is located on the bottom.
After that, press the ‘Next’ button on the bottom.
Choose the recommended installation method.
Perform a click on the ‘Install’ button.
This will trigger the installation.
Installation should not consume more than a few minutes.
Once the installation finishes, you will be able to close the window.
After that, you can also restart your device to see the new changes.

Activating Webroot

Let’s activate the Webroot security product on your computer. If you have not activated your security program on your computer, you should activate it as soon as possible to make yourself secure with Webroot. These instructions might help you during the activation process:

First and foremost, find your way to your recently installed Webroot security application.
As you open it, it will welcome you with a greeting notice.
Please click on the ‘Continue’ option to carry on with the process.
You will see an activation pop up window on your screen asking you about the activation process in a while.
It will tell you to press the ‘Activate’ button to start the activation process.
So, do whatever it says and press the ‘Activate’ button.
In case you see emerging on your screen, please do not close it.
If it tells you to provide some details regarding your product subscription, please do not hesitate and give it whatever it asks.
Congratulations, you have now activated your Webroot product on your device.
Now stay secured with Webroot, and when your current subscription ends, renew it using