How to Login IP Address?

Configure IP Address

What is the ip address and how can I connect to it? Consult the practical sheet below, in addition to the presentation of a local network you will find examples for configuring a fixed ip and setting up a router.

Connect to

When the address identifies a router, an administration page is available from a web browser. To open the configuration interface, enter in the address bar of the browser. Otherwise, it is best to use the alias that identifies the device on the network.

How to Configure Local Network Addresses?

For example, to assign a fixed IP , to a workstation under Windows, open the control panel then the property window of the TCP/IP connection. The main values ​​to enter are the fixed IP, the gateway and the DNS server.

One of the missions of a firewall is to block or even redirect ports between the same workstation or to other devices on the LAN. For example, requests on port 80 can be sent to an Apache server located on ip Similarly, all connections on port 445 can be blocked to reduce operating system vulnerabilities. Admin Login

How to login to , by using the below steps:

Step 1: Open the network browser on the computer to access the home page.
Step 2: Type in the browser address bar and then press Enter . Alternatively, click to open the router’s login page.
Step 3: Enter the username and password on the pop-up page. If you haven’t changed the username and password, just enter the default.
Step 4: Click the Sign In button to go forward. If everything goes well, you will successfully log into the admin panel.

Default Logins for

User name: admin
Password: admin

How to Fix Router Login

How to Fix Login Error?

Reboot the router. If the router hangs and doesn’t respond, you may not be able to log in to In this case, restart the router and then try to log in again.
Make sure you connect to the family WiFi network. You need to connect with the Wi-Fi router (Wi-Fi or LAN cable).
Try other IP addresses, like and
Reset the router by pressing the Reset button on the back of the router for 20 seconds. Then release the button. The router will reboot and all content will be restored to the default state, including username and password changes.

Conclusion is a popular private IP address used by many router brands. To rate the administrative panel, you must log in to
You can use specific step to run admin login process. If you are suffering from login error, try the above methods to fix it.

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