How to Make a GIF by iPhone? How To Create a GIF On iPhone?

 How to Create an Animated GIF on iPhone

Do You want to create a GIF on iPhone? This is very easy – even without any additional apps. You can make your own GIF from a Live Photo on iPhone. So, to create such animated pictures, you don’t even need an additional app. In the following, you can read exactly how creating your own GIFs on the iPhone works.

How to make a GIF on your iPhone, using a Live Photo

How to make GIFs with iPhone

To do this, with the camera open, tap the icon with the circles in the top right. If the symbol is crossed out, it is switched off. Tap it once to activate live mode. Now not only the snapshot is saved for a picture, but also about two seconds before and after the photo. Now take a photo that you want to convert into a GIF afterwards.

Now open your picture in the Photos app. If you scroll all the way down in the album overview, you can open the ” Live Photos ” folder here. This way you will probably find your picture faster.

Tap the Live button in the top left . A drop-down menu opens. Here you can choose either ” Infinite loop ” or ” Rebound “. With the endless loop, the live image is simply played back endlessly. With the bounce it is also played endlessly, but always forwards and backwards – similar to the well-known Boomerang. Now you have already made a GIF from your photo.

Quick Start Guide

If you don’t have a live photo from which you want to create a GIF, switch your camera to ” Live ” first. To do this, tap the circle icon in the top right corner of the camera app. Then capture the subject you want to make a GIF out of.

Open the Photos app and tap your Live Photo .

At the top left you will see the Live option . Select this to open a dropdown menu. You can now create a GIF from your image using ” Endless loop ” or ” Rebound “.