How to Make Live Streaming Video on Instagram?

 Today we will give you complete information about how to go live on Instagram? Many people want to know about it. If you want, you can easily create live videos on Instagram from your new smartphone.

Instagram is growing very fast in today’s time. The name of Instagram comes in the top social media platforms. It is very important for you to know first how to watch these live videos in Instagram and how you can make them on your phone. 

What is Instagram Live ?

Instagram Live are videos that allow users to stream videos from their phone’s built-in camera. Since everything is now online, many company brands are also using Instagram Live to host their workshops, interviews, etc. Due to which the popularity of Instagram Live has increased tremendously.

Then with the help of Instagram Live, you can show all your followers a panoramic view of there in real time. Apart from this, you can also include your followers or your friends in your live streaming. 

Instagram Live Video

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How to Create Instagram Live Video?

Going live on Instagram is not a difficult task, you can easily come live on Instagram by following the steps mentioned below. Then let’s understand today how you too can make live videos on Instagram .

Step 1.

If you have a new phone then you must have installed Instagram on your phone first. To go live on Instagram, first you have to login to your Instagram account.

Step 2.

Instagram account will be open in front of you. Now you can make a video in it. Launch Instagram Camera. Now you have to click on the section of Your Story. 

Step 3.

As soon as your phone’s camera is opened, there you will get 3 options live, story and reels. Now tap on Live. So by following these steps you will go live on Instagram.

Since you want to create a Live video on Instagram , you’ll need to select the Live option. With this you will live immediately. At the same time, all your followers will get a notification that you are live. 

How to Watch Live Videos on Instagram

When your friend or anyone else shares live broadcast and you follow them. Their profile then appears at the top of the story feed (where Stories appear) with a colored circle around it. 

On which LIVE is written. Now you have to click on the same circle or profile to see the live video, after that you can see their Instagram live video and can also join their live video by sending a request to them. 

I hope you must have liked my article on how to make live video on Instagram. If you have any question, then you can write your comments below down.