How to Make YouTube Channel from Laptop?

 In today’s post, I will give you information about how to create a YouTube channel from your laptop and tell you how you can create a YouTube channel not only from your mobile phone but also by using a laptop and computer. 

To create a YouTube channel, you must have a Google account, which you people use in your phone, you can create a new channel for yourself using the same Google account. YouTube is the world’s most used video sharing and streaming website and millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube almost every day. 

Creating a YouTube channel is just a few minutes game, that is, it is very easy to create a YouTube channel and it is very easy to create a new channel, any non-technical person can easily create a channel by following the steps given below. 

How To Create YouTube Channel From Laptop?

  • First of all open Chrome browser on your laptop.
  • After this search  in the browser for google search engine
  • Now if you have not created a Google account, then first create a Google account. 
  •  If you already have a Google account, login to Gmail.
  •  After that search .
  • After this, click on the profile picture given in the top side. 
  •  Here you will get the option of more channels , click on it. 
  •  Now your YouTube channel has been created.

Now you can change  the name of your channel by going to the option of Channel customization .

Here you also get the option to change the profile picture of your YouTube channel. 

In this way you can create YouTube channel. 

What to Do Before Making Youtube Channel?
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What to Do Before Making YouTube Channel?

1. Your YouTube Channel Name – If you want to create a new YouTube channel of your own and want to share your skills or you want to show creativity, then it is very important that you make your YouTube channel as a brand. You channel name of YouTube should be short and memorable so that people can connect with you very easily.  

For best YouTube channel name you can use online YouTube channel name generator tool and choose a unique and best YouTube channel name for yourself according to your category.

2. Select Niche for YouTube Content – After selecting the name of the YouTube channel, the second thing you have to do is to select the best Niche category for your YouTube channel. Because without this you cannot give growth to your YouTube channel, you will have to work on one niche and go to one category. If you select multi niche on your YouTube Channel and publish different types of videos then your channel will not grow in the right direction and you will be demotivated. 

3. Best Topics for YouTube Video – After choosing Niche for YouTube channel, it is the turn of topics, which means you will create different types of videos on a niche. There can be many topics, but the niche will be only one. You should choose the best topics according to your YouTube channel, which can be evergreen trending topics.

4. Upload Video with Consistency – You have to do is to upload video content on your YouTube channel with consistency. Consistency means uploading regular videos on your YouTube channel because it leads to your old forced engagement and by uploading regular videos YouTube gets to know how serious you are about your work. By uploading videos daily, you get time to explore more about the niche of your YouTube Channel and you can connect with your audience very quickly. 

5. Share Video on Social Media Platform – In the beginning, if you want to get views on YouTube videos, then you have to take the support of social media platform because in the beginning no one knows your YouTube channel. And so after publishing your video, first of all share your video on all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and groups like WhatsApp.

If you people want to create a YouTube channel in Laptop, then you can easily create a YouTube channel by following the tips mentioned above. I hope you guys have understood how to create YouTube channel from laptop.  If you want or want to ask any question, then you can ask in the comment box below. If you like the information mentioned above, then you can share this information with your friends on social media platform.