How to Print from Your Android Smartphone?

Many consumers therefore need to print directly from Android phone , or from a tablet. The process to follow is often far from easy, it is legitimate to wonder how to print documents or photos with your Android mobile. Different techniques are possible, via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or simply via a USB connection. In this help page everything you need to know in order to print via an Android phone.

How To Print From Android Phones?

Wi-Fi Printing from an Android Phone

When you want to print a document from your Android mobile phone, the most obvious solution is obviously to use Wi-Fi. Nowadays, most printers show compatibility with this wireless technology, and it is therefore rather easy to use this solution, when possible. To use this technology, however, it is necessary to have an internet box. Follow the procedure below to be able to print from Android phone, via Wi-Fi.

How do I Print from an Android Phone Using Wi-Fi?

Here is the procedure to follow to print directly via Wi-Fi from your Android phone:

Go to your phone’s settings, and go to the “Printing” tab . To find it, scroll down the drop-down menu or use the search bar.
A default print service may or may not be installed. In both cases, it is advisable to click on “Add a service”, and to download the application corresponding to the brand of printer used (HP, Lexmark, Canon or Samsung, for example).
Move the slider to the “On” position to activate the selected print service .
All that remains is to go to the file to be printed (PDF, image or web page, for example), click on “Print” and select the printer in question.

Print With your Android Phone Using Google Cloud Print

There is another solution, which allows you to print with an Android mobile without necessarily connecting to the same Wi-Fi network as the printer. To do this, you have to go through a Google service that can be particularly practical: Google Cloud Print. In order to be able to use this technique, it is however necessary to have a compatible printer. The latter must also be connected to the Internet.
To determine this, it is advisable to consult the list available on the GoogleCloudPrint site. When your printer is compatible with Google Cloud Print, you must then follow the instructions which are specific to each brand of printer.
It is also necessary to pair the printer with a Google account, which must be present on the Android phone. To print the desired file, all you have to do is install the Google Cloud Print application on your Android phone. Then, you have to configure your printer from the application and print your files directly via the “Print” or “Share” function.

How to Print from Android Mobile

How do I Print Via USB with an Android Phone?

For people who don’t have the ability to print over Wi-Fi from their Android phone, there are other solutions. We can for example cite the possibility of printing via a USB cable with Android. For this, however, it will be necessary to bring an adapter, which is called OTG. It converts the micro-USB port of the smartphone into a conventional USB port, in order to connect the printer directly to it.
Although this way of printing is very simple to implement, you still need to have the OTG adapter, an Android smartphone, and a printer with “USB Plug-And-Play”. This is a feature that allows you to print your files by simply plugging in the printer.

Print Via Bluetooth from Your Android Mobile

A final solution exists, in order to connect your wireless printer to your Android phone. This is the possibility of connecting via Bluetooth. For this, it is obviously necessary to have a printer that has this functionality.
It is then necessary to activate the Bluetooth function on your smartphone, and choose to connect to the printer in questio. The rest of the procedure to follow is once again identical to that explained for Wi-Fi printing. It will therefore be necessary to go through the application of the brand of the printer, that of its smartphone manufacturer or finally an application third party.

In conclusion, there are therefore multiple ways to make print from your Android phone. Some are easy to set up, and others more complicated.

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