How to Print with Black Ink Only When Color Cartridge is Empty?

The color cartridge is empty, is it still possible to print in black and white?

The color and black ink cartridges work independently in a printer. But not infrequently, the user with an empty color cartridge is faced with the problem that the printer blocks itself and responds with a message to replace the colored printer cartridge, even with black printouts. The question quickly arises, can I continue printing even though the color cartridge is empty?

Check the Printer Settings for Hints

The problem of switching from ink cartridges to pure black and white printing is not difficult if the user orients himself to the properties and enters the manual request for his printing task here. The color cartridge is often accidentally used for black and white or grayscale printing, although the use of black ink would save a lot of money and prevent the color cartridge from emptying prematurely. Before each printout, the user is asked whether he would like to print in color or black and white. Since this function can be switched off, the changeover is often forgotten and the printer automatically prints with the color printer cartridge, which is much more expensive to buy than black ink cartridges. The conversion cannot be made for some printer models. Even if the black cartridge is still full, each print job that is entered requires the installation of a new color cartridge. With older models, the settings can still be configured manually, but with new printers, both ink cartridges must be filled so that a printout can be made.

How to print with only black ink when Colour cartridges end.

Look Out for the Options When You Buy a Printer

If you want to prevent this problem and know that the problem can manifest itself quickly and make it necessary to buy a new color cartridge , you should look for models with individually functioning cartridges when buying a printer. However, the manufacturer does not build this function for financial reasons, but to protect the print. If ink cartridges are empty and the user would print with the filled cartridge, the print head of the empty ink cartridge could draw air and react with a defect. If there are no indications in the settings for a manual conversion and the use of the black cartridge without buying a new one or refilling the color cartridge, replacing the empty printer cartridge is the only possibility for a possible printout. If you want to help yourself and save the cost of buying an ink cartridge , you can refill the printer ink yourself and continue working as usual after a test print. In some cases, removing the empty cartridge and reinserting it in the printer can help to temporarily fix the problem.

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