How to Remove the Powered by WordPress Footer Links

Do you want to remove or change “Proudly powered by WordPress” from the footer of your WordPress theme?

This is the right post if you are searching how to delete Proudly powered by WordPress footer credit from the theme .

In this article I am going to tell you a very easy way to remove Proudly powered by WordPress link.

Remove Proudly Powered by WordPress

By default, WordPress does not allow you to remove or change the proudly powered by WordPress. But following this tutorial you can easily remove this footer credit from any WordPress theme. Here I will show three methods to remove it.

  1. by WordPress Plugin
  2. by CSS Code
  3. By editing the footer.php file

How to Remove the “Proudly Powered By WordPress” Link

=>1. Change Proudly Powered by WordPress Using a Plugin

First of all, you need to install and activate Remove Footer Credit plugin on your WordPress site or blog  .

After activating the plugin,  click on Tools >> Remove Footer Credit option. A new page will open.

All you need to do is copy the footer link of your WordPress theme and paste it in the “Step 1: Enter text/HTML to remove (one per line)” box.

After this you  can enter your desired theme credit text in “Step 2: Enter your own footer credit (one per line)” box.

After that come down and click on the “Save” button. It will now replace “Proudly powered by WordPress” with your credit text from your WordPress theme.

=>2. Remove Proudly Powered by WordPress Using CSS Code

You can easily remove Proudly Powered by WordPress footer link by adding some CSS code in WordPress theme customizer.

Click on Appearance >> Customize >> Additional CSS and paste this CSS code in the Additional CSS box.

.site-info { display: none; }

Now, click on Save button and refresh your website, footer credit link will be gone.

=>3. Change Proudly Powered by WordPress Using the Footer.php File

The setting to remove footer credit link in different themes is in different sections. To remove footer credit from theme customizer, follow the steps below:

*Note: Back up your Footer.php file first. So that if there is some mistake in editing, then you can restore your website and bring it back to the previous version.

Firstly,  click on Appearance >> Editor >> Footer.php OR (click on Appearance >> Theme Editor >> Theme Footer)

by moving the cursor in the editor of the footer.php file ctrl + F Press the key and search by typing “ powered by ” in the search box .

In WordPress’s default theme Twenty Twenty-one , this code is something like this –

/* translators: %s: WordPress. */
esc_html__( 'Proudly powered by %s.', 'twentytwentyone' ),
'<a href="' . esc_attr__( '', 'twentytwentyone' ) . '">WordPress</a>'
</div><!-- .powered-by -->

You can either remove this entire code or customize it according to your need.

After removing or customizing this code , click on the Update File button.

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