How to Reset Router Factory Default Setting?

If your router has hung up or is showing malfunctions, a reset can be the solution. This resets the device to the delivery status in the shortest possible time.

Fix Reset Router Options

You can reset your router to the factory settings by resetting it. Here (almost) all settings, firmware updates and much more are inevitably lost.
However, if the router refuses any access or if settings that were made inadvertently cannot be corrected, only a hard reset usually helps. This is not to be confused with router reboot, by the way.

How to Perform a Hardware Reset on Your Router?

First, check if the router has a reset button on the back. If so, press it for a few seconds. You should remember that any settings you have made on the device and your Internet connection will be lost once you reset the router.
You can save a backup file before resetting the device. However, if the problem with the router is due to incorrect configurations, these will be saved and adopted.

How to Reboot Wi-Fi Router

Reset Router to Factory Settings

If a faulty network configuration cannot be corrected or a network device is no longer accessible, the only thing that usually helps is to reset to the default settings.

Access to The Configuration Interface

Check whether you call up the configuration interface of the router in the browser and whether it is correctly configured for Internet access and WLAN. WLAN access points and repeaters can also be configured via a web interface. The default IP, username and password for access are usually found on a sticker on the bottom of the device or in the instructions. However, this data only applies to the delivery status. During the first configuration, the devices receive an IP address from the address range of the DSL router and can then only be reached via this. Wherever technically possible, connect network devices directly to the PC for the configuration using an Ethernet cable in order to rule out further sources of error. By default, the PC then gets its IP address from this device. If the DHCP server is switched off there, configure the IP address manually. If a device still cannot be reached, reset it to the factory settings.

Reset Without Configuration Interface

Most network devices can also be reset to the default at the hardware level. This is usually done with a small button on the underside or back, which can often only be operated with a pointed object such as a paper clip. On some devices, hold the button down for a while during operation to initiate the reset. For others, turn the device off, then hold the button for several seconds after turning it back on.

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