How to Solve Error Code 59.F0 on HP Color LaserJet?

The 59.F0 error is a printer error that indicates when a complication occurs in the internal part of the motor inside the printer. The main cause of HP printer error code 59.F0 is carelessness in detaching the transmission.
HP printer error code 59.F0 , User looks into the HP printer while it is printing the documents so 59.F0 appears on the screen. We will now tell you the solution how printer error code 59.F0 causes and sorts out the error and how to fix HP printer error code 59.F0.

HP Printer 59.F0 Error

HP LASER printers (Hewlett Packard) are very common in computer parks and during failures, an error message is displayed on screen. ERROR 59 Printer Error : Main engine connection cable problem. Solutions: check that the motor cable is correctly connected; change the engine.

So, you need to find some practical solutions now and try to solve the 59.F0 complications of HP printer error in the easiest way. It is not easy to solve the problem, so you need to get more options to solve the printing difficulty.

How to Fix 59.F0 Error On HP Printers

Fix 59.F0 Error On HP Printer

Method 1:- Resume The Printer

First reset the printer settings.
Now release the surge protector.
If you don’t get enough or acceptable solution, move on to the next method immediately so that you have some time to solve the printer not working issue.

Method 2:- Resume The ITB

Now examine the internal connections of the ITB, such as: B. The connection between the ITB and a transfer roller disengagement sensor at connector J19 and the connectivity between the ITB and the DC controller PCA, also known as connector J128.

Method 3:- Experiment The ITB

If the printer error still occurs, you should first eliminate the ITB completely and then spontaneously examine the ITB gear and flag.
Now spin the gear and examine all the flag variations as you spin the white bag.
If the flag is defaced, then it is high time to change the ITB.

But what if the flag and ITB gear work great? The printer pause situation occurs when the paper is jammed in a feeder.

Look for the SR9 sensor. To do this, you need to follow the steps below to perform the manual sensor test.

Now eliminate the ITB gear, discover the SR9 sensor located in the ITB area and search the control panel.

Now tap the “Home” button and tap the down arrow to highlight the demonstrative menu.

Tap on the OK button and select the manual sensor test and tap on OK.

Examine the ITB area and free the SR9 flag and examine the sensor response gauge when you tap the flag. The sensor should command between 0 and 1. If the command does not run, you will need to have the sensor replaced.


So, all these above solutions will surely help you. “How to Fix HP Printer Error 59.F0“. If you encounter any difficulties and inconveniences during representation, in no case do not hesitate and contact us immediately. We will surely help you further.

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