How to Turn on WhatsApp After Resetting Phone?

How to Turn on WhatsApp after Resetting Phone:

Sometimes due to some virus or due to some setting error we have to format our phone. Whenever we reset our mobile, then the data present in it gets deleted. That is, only those which will be the default applications remain, all other apps get uninstalled. For example, if you were using WhatsApp, then this app will also be deleted.

After resetting the phone, we have to do all the settings again. For example, to activate WhatsApp again. But most of the people do not know how to start WhatsApp after resetting the phone? That’s why here we are telling you the complete information to start WhatsApp again. If you had two-step verification enabled, then there is a slightly different process to be followed to start WhatsApp. Let us tell you complete information about it.

How to Start WhatsApp After Resetting Phone

i) First of all login in your mobile with old google account. If you have forgotten the old ID, then login by creating a new one.

ii) Now go to Google Play Store and search for WhatsApp in the search box and install the app on your mobile.

iii) After Whats App is installed, open it. Now verify by entering your mobile number.

iv) After the number is verified, the backup option will come. If you will be backing up old data, then back it up.

v) Now set your profile name, profile photo, etc.

vi) After this your Whats App will be activated.

If you have turned on the Two-Step Verification Security feature, you will be asked for this code after verification. Without entering this code your Whats App will not start. If you have forgotten this code then read this to start Whats App.

What to do before resetting the phone?

If your mobile is on and Whats App is opening then you should do some important settings before resetting the phone. With this, there will be no problem in starting Whats App after resetting. Below we have told about the important things-

i) Delete the rest of the data except the essential things in Whats App. With this, only the necessary data will be stored in your Whats App account.

ii) Take a backup by going to the chat settings of Whats App. With this all your data will be back again.

iii) If you have turned on two-step verification, then turn it off. With this you will not have to enter the code while activating again.

iv) If you have forgotten the password, then reset the password. Because after resetting the phone and restarting Whats App, without the password it will not turn on.

Above we have mentioned some important things, which you should do before resetting the phone. With this you will not have any problem in starting WhatsApp later.

Final Words:

Here we have given complete information about how to turn on WhatsApp after resetting the phone, in an easy step by step way. Now one will be able to restart WhatsApp very easily after formatting their mobile.

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