Learn How to Make Money Online Quickly?

Earning money online quickly is highly searched every month in search engines, earning passive income can be very beneficial. I can’t promise you to earn easy income online, but how to earn extra money.

Currently there are several methods to get income online, many promises to earn money, but many times they can be tools to deceive you and that you work without getting anything in return or that the platform closes after you have worked hard for its called a Scam site.

How to Make Money Online Quickly?

To start earning income on the Internet you must have a lot of patience and above all dedication, you must know that every beginning is difficult but that does not mean that I do not know its fruits.

earn money without investing

Earn Money Without Investing

Here I will tell you which platforms you can use to earn income online without investing:

Seeing Ads

There are sites whose function is to view ads in order to generate income, the popular PTC (Pay to Click), there are several ways to get income from these platforms besides viewing ads, they have mini jobs, surveys and you earn a little more through referrals.

Many people recommend them when working in the medium / long term, they generate more income because they are very simple to use.


Making money with surveys is something possible, it is a good way to earn income online, there are several sites to make money with surveys and they are really easy to do.

There are sites that restrict your work depending on where you are, so you should take that into account, although there are many people who work using VPNs to hide where they are and work these platforms to earn income without problems.

It is possible to get a good income without the need for referrals, there are sites that tell you more or less what the answers are to certain types of surveys.

Solving Captchas

Have you ever been to a site that asks you to verify that you are human? I assure you yes, I know it can be a bit annoying every time you go to a page, I ask you to do it, but imagine getting income just by filling those texts or selecting images. There are some platforms that pay you just to solve these traps because they need to improve security so that bots don’t access a website.


Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world, and there are many ways to earn a few bitcoin cents, even though its price changes all the time when it is one of the most used electronic currencies to receive payments of all kinds. If you want to start getting cents (satoshis), you need to create a Wallet or a Digital Gateway where you can buy or sell your bitcoins whenever you want depending on where you are.

Apps on Mobile Phone

There are apps that allow you to generate points and these can be exchanged for digital money. Its simple feature every time you download an app or a video it gives you some points that you can redeem for prizes, the more points you earn the more income you will get. This is a good way to get money in your free time, when you are on vacation or at home doing nothing.