Make Money Online on Instagram Immediately

Ways to Make Money on Instagram Immediately


How to make money on Instagram, have a store or suppliers? – open a store on Instagram. It is easier to promote new products and brands through the application. It is more convenient if you can buy goods through Instagram itself, without going to the site. The revenue comes from customers.

Make money on instagram


If you have a good style and an active female audience, you can even sell old stuff on an extra page. If the profiles are popular, advertisers who promote and offer clothing for sale will be contacted. The main thing is to indicate the brand in the photo.

The best option is to open a thrift store where personal, other people’s and donated items are sold at a discount. Some find success and open “live” stores outside the internet.

Beautiful Pictures

Such pages are called “mood”. There people post a nice selection of photos of themselves and from the internet. People subscribe for inspiration and to save photos for personal use.

Personal Profile

How to make money on Instagram, with an attractive appearance? – show it more. The profile is maintained of a specific living person with photos and a name. It is advisable to post more stories, interact with subscribers and show them your life.

Beauty Page

Comes as a supplement to the main one. Users create a second page by adding “beauty” to their nickname. For example, the personal page of alisa45. The nickname for the second page looks like this: alisa45_beauty.

Maintain Someone Else’s Page

Busy people who don’t have time to maintain an Instagram profile entrust the pages to assistants. They in turn process photos in a certain style, make Photoshop and put them on the page.

PR Pages

People will ask to be mentioned in a post or post a photo, for which they pay money. Keep in mind that people don’t like pages with explicit account ads.