Passive Income Online – 10 Best Ways to Make Money Online

 Passive Income Online: In a world that is increasingly taking place online, making money online is a logical step. Because earning money online is getting easier. Do you want to know everything about making money online, such as how to make money quickly and which ways of making money online are reliable? In this article you will find 10 ways to earn money via the internet and you can read what the best way is to earn money.

1. Complete Online Surveys for Money

A very easy and fun way to earn money quickly is by completing online surveys. The nice thing about this is that you are not tied to anything and that you can make time to fill in a questionnaire whenever you feel like it. By completing surveys you can earn up to several hundred euros per month. Start today?

2. Make Money with Savings Programs

Loyalty programs are a convenient way to earn some extra cash quickly. You do this by, for example, reading emails, clicking on links or viewing advertisements. This way you can earn extra money in little time. If you want to earn money this way, you can sign up for the best savings programs of the moment . Those savings programs not only give you the most ways to make money, but also pay the best.

10 ways to make money online

3. Cashback Shopping

Cashback shopping actually means nothing more than earning money by making purchases. Are you someone who often shops online? Then cashback shopping is a very interesting way to earn extra money. With cashback shopping you get money back on your purchase, without having to make (a lot of) extra effort. This is money that you would otherwise leave behind, because you would have made that purchase anyway. That’s a shame, isn’t it? Do you also want to get money back on your online purchases? Then sign up at the best cashback websites of the moment .

4. Affiliate Marketing

Earlier in this article we mentioned that there are ways to earn money online without having to do anything at that time. Affiliate marketing is one such way of making money. With affiliate marketing, you earn money by promoting other businesses on your website. For example, do you have a website about sports, health, movies or games? Then you can earn money by placing links or advertisements on your website from companies where people can buy protein powder, supplements, DVDs or video games. As soon as someone clicks on such a link or advertisement or makes a purchase via such a link, you receive money for it. And for that money you don’t really have to do anything. To get the advertising for your website, you can sign up with a network such as Daisycon.

5. Sell Online

Another way to make money online is to start selling online. For example, you can start an online store. You can use Shopify, for example, to create a webshop, which is super easy. Through your webshop you can sell things that are in high demand, but you can also sell your own work, such as paintings, photos, music or other handmade items. In addition to being able to start a webshop yourself, you can also start selling through existing channels.

6. Earn Money With Your Skills and Knowledge

Are you super good at writing texts, do you know how to make a beautiful logo or cool website, or do you know everything about a certain subject? Then you can earn money online with those skills and knowledge. For example, register with an online text agency to earn money by writing texts or design logos for (starting) entrepreneurs to earn your money. You can also give (online) music lessons or tutoring.

For people who have a lot of knowledge about a certain topic, it can be a good idea to write an e-book on that topic. Especially if it is a subject that many people want to know more about, such as marketing or healthy nutrition. Writing an e-book obviously takes some time, but once you start selling it, you don’t really have to do anything for the money you earn with it.

If you want to earn money online with your skills, you can do this by working for existing platforms, such as Textbroker or Fiverr , but you can also choose to take your work as a freelancer more seriously and create a website on which you offer your services.

7. Sell Your Photos

Are you good at taking pictures and would you like to earn money with it? Then you can do two things: either you sell your photos through a stock website, where people/companies can then buy your photos. Or you could consider selling your photos yourself through a platform like Opyo. In this case too, you have to invest time in the first instance in order to be able to earn money with it. For example, it takes quite some time to build up a good portfolio.

8. Investing and Trading in (crypto) Currencies

Do you have knowledge about investing or (crypto) currencies or are you willing to gain that knowledge? Then investing or trading in (crypto) currencies can be a way to earn a lot of money. It is important that you keep in mind that it is also possible that you lose your investment. Earning money in this way is therefore absolutely not without risk. Precisely for this reason, it is also important that you know what you are doing and that you are prepared to delve into the market so that you can limit losses. If you would like to make money with (crypto) currency, you can do so in various ways, including through:

(i) Forex trading

(ii) short trading

(iii) investing

9. Earn Money via/with Social Media

Does social media hold no secrets for you and do you know exactly how you can ensure that people find your post and find it interesting? Then you might think about making it your job. For example, as a freelancer you can manage the social media of companies. You can also use that knowledge to earn money yourself via social media, for example by selling things there or by doing your best to get started as an influencer. The latter is especially an option if you have a lot of followers or if you mainly focus on a certain topic. With influencer marketing you will advertise certain products on your social media or website, for which you then receive money.

10. Make Money with Ads

Do you have a website or YouTube channel ? Then you could make money with advertisements. With Google AdSense, for example, you get paid for every (unique) click on your ad. This can be especially interesting if you have a website about a certain topic, such as energy or sports. Anyone who has a YouTube channel can earn money by opening the channel to advertisements. In that case, advertisements will be shown before/during your videos, for which you will then receive money.

Best way to make money 

The above 10 ways are very suitable for making money online. Which of these ways is the best way to make money with Google, among other things, on what you can do and how much time you want to invest in making money. So take a good look at your wishes and what is the best way for you to earn money.