Printer Won’t Print the PDF File

PDF files are the most common files that are commonly printed out along with Word documents. There can be many reasons why a PDF file cannot be printed. Among other possibilities, the most common causes of problems are: Windows, the drivers, Acrobat Reader or the printer.
But so that you don’t have to ponder possible sources of error when printing PDFs, we have put together a detailed guide with solutions for all PDF problems. With this tips, you are guaranteed to quickly eliminate the problems and get your printing process rolling again.
For additional motivation, when a PDF file fails to print, it’s usually due to relatively simple issues.

Can’t Print PDF File, How to Fix it?

Is Your Printer PDF Compatible?
Check whether your printer can handle the PDF format at all. Simply take a look at the operating instructions for your printer.

Check the Print Queue
Your PDF file not printing properly can also be related to the print queue. This contains all print jobs in sequence, sorted according to the time at which they were started.

Rename PDF File
Although this remedy is more than simple, it can quickly remedy your PDF problem. Because if the PDF file in question contains special characters in the file name , these can be responsible for problems occurring when printing.

Save PDF File Somewhere Else
Another simple solution to print your PDF file as quickly as possible is to move it to another location. If everything works, the PDF file will print smoothly from the new location.

Open PDF File with Another Program
Like most computer users , you probably have your default program that you use to print PDF files. If you have another program installed that can open PDF files. Test whether the PDF file can be printed out with another program.

Free Up Memory
Too little RAM can also be a reason for problems with PDF printing. If excessive memory usage is the culprit of your PDF problem, add more memory.

Update PDF Reader
Most PDF programs have a special function that you can use to easily find out whether the version is the latest and, if necessary, to install a newer version.

Perform Windows Update
Since this can be a reason why your PDF file cannot be printed out, take heart and carry out all outstanding Windows updates. After this reboot, your PDF printing problem should hopefully be gone.

Update Printer Driver
Among the top rankings for all printer problems are the drivers. Of course, they can also be responsible for your PDF problem. Your drivers may be out of date. So make sure your printer drivers are up to date and install the latest version.

Disable Acrobat Reader Protected Mode
Very often, the cause of unprintable PDF files is that Acrobat Reader Protected Mode is enabled. Because this is activated by default when you open a PDF file. The purpose of this measure is to increase security. At the same time, this can also unintentionally prevent the PDF file from being printed.

Why Printer Not Printing PDF Files

Solution of PDF Files Cannot Printed

A PDF cannot be printed? This is a nerve wracking but fortunately very well known problem. Due to this, there are a variety of solutions to fix it. Try the simplest methods first, But even if all the solutions fail, then we have 2 emergency solutions ready, with which your PDF file can still be printed out.

Print Out the PDF File as an Image
You can do this by adjusting the print settings accordingly. These vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so you may need to do some research to find this option.

Take Screenshot then Print Out
If all solutions have not borne fruit, take screenshots of the pages of your PDF document to be printed. Alternatively , the Windows Snipping Tool is also helpful for creating a screenshot.

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