Pros and Cons of American Express

 American Express is one of the best-known credit card brands. The cards often have very different properties than the credit cards of Visa and MasterCard.

Pros and Cons of American Express

Typical Features American Express

American Express credit cards are always so-called charge cards . This means that you have to pay the bill in full every month. It is not possible to pay back in installments. This means that you never have to pay interest. As long as you pay the bill on time.

American Express credit cards are often more expensive than other credit cards in terms of subscription. But there are many advantages and possibilities in return.

For example, easily accessible and internationally helpful customer service, various savings systems (air miles and rewards), multiple insurance policies, special access to airport lounges and priority ticket sales for events.

These benefits differ per card. There are credit cards of all kinds. It starts with the simple Blue Card, which costs 35 euros per year and contains no special extras. 

Furthermore, American Express does not impose a predetermined limit on you. This gives you more freedom in your spending, even in emergency situations. Finally, you can link American Express credit cards to your existing bank account. You do not have to open a new account with a specific bank.

Benefits of American Express

  • Global payment method
  •  Excellent customer service and international help
  •  No fixed spending
  • limit – Earn miles or rewards with your normal expenses
  • No need to open a new bank account
Disadvantages of American Express
  • Not every store accepts credit cards
  • Borrowing and repayment in installments is not possible 

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