Realistic Ways Make Money Online on Twitter (X)

 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online on X (Twitter)

Below we will list the different points that you should consider to make money with the social network:


One of the ways to make money is through advertising on the platform’s posts, considering that this is one of the main ways for influencers to make money. However, to earn this way, we need to have a promoted theme account with a very wide subscriber base. That is, to attract serious advertisers, your personal feed must also target a specific audience.

In this way you can become a  brand ambassador , although it is not something simple. Either way, you can use several platforms that put users in touch with brands to try to get this opportunity.

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Twitter Account Brokers

Intermediaries or ambassadors are those who make a commission for the sale of a product or directly it is the brand that gives the money. In addition, it is possible that they may repeat the information in some cases, being able to publish the same tweet on different days and times when an account’s audience is most active.

Trading Account

In addition to advertising other people’s products and services, you can also successfully promote your own business offerings on Twitter. You can turn your Twitter account into a kind of online store or use the service’s personal feed to attract customers.

For example, you sell products on a shopping site and want to attract even more customers through Twitter.

  • So you create a profile and fill it out accordingly, preferably showing exactly what you offer to customers.
  • Then, publish tweets like this: the name and a short description of the product, its image, and a link to it.

Sponsored Tweets

They are the most direct way to make money on Twitter, as there are various platforms that act as intermediaries between publishers and brands, allowing brands and businesses to meet people interested in making money in exchange for publishing on their account. From Twitter.

The editor is the one who will set the price per click for the ads that are published on the social network, in addition to having the freedom to choose the topics that he is interested in publishing on his platform.

Copy and Paste a Tweet

Another of the ways that exist to be able to earn money through Twitter is another simple method, which is to publish tweets and get paid for it. For this you can register on the pages of various companies, which by copying and pasting a tweet.

This is an alternative way to earn money through the Twitter social network. There are various services for this, such as  sponsored Twitter , one of the most popular.

Here you will learn the basic methods to monetize your Twitter account.