Remove Date or Time from WordPress Post:

Remove Date or Time from WordPress Post: Do you want the Publish Date not to appear in any of your WordPress posts ? If you want to remove date from all WordPress posts in your blog, then this article is enough to solve your problem.

Because in this article I am going to tell three easy ways of how to remove date from WordPress post . Some WordPress users want that if things like Author, Date, Category and Tags are not displayed on top of their posts, then you can easily hide all this too.

In Free WordPress Themes , you do not get the option to hide all these from the post, but there are some premium themes in which you can hide Author, Date, Category and Tags etc. from your WordPress post.

I am going to tell the following three ways to hide the date from WordPress post:

  • 1. Via WordPress Dashboard
  • 2. via WordPress Plugin
  • 3. By CSS Method
How to Hide the Post Date & Time in WordPress

Remove Post Date Using WordPress Dashboard

This is the easiest way to remove the publish date of all the blog posts of your blog. To apply this method in your blog, follow all the steps given below carefully:

  • 1. After coming to the Admin Dashboard of WordPress, click on Settings>General .
  • 2. Right now here you will see two options of Date Format and Time Format.
  • 3. Here choose the option of Custom in both.
  • 4. After selecting the option with Custom Format, delete whatever is written here in both the options.
  • 5. After this click on Save Changes at the bottom.

After following all these steps correctly, you will have hidden the publish date from your blog post.

2. Hide Publish Date with WordPress Plugin

Well, you can easily do all this in the way mentioned above, but if you want to hide the publish date of Blog Post with the help of WordPress Plugin then follow the following steps:

  • 1. After coming to the WordPress Admin Dashboard, click on Plugins>Add New .
  • 2. Now type WP Meta and Date Remover in the Right Side Search Bar .
  • 3. Plugin to install it after the Activate Turn.
  • 4. Once the plugin is activated , go to the plugin settings and remove the date.

3. Remove Post Date Using CSS Method

You can also remove the date using the Additional CSS section of your WordPress. For this, copy the CSS code given below and paste it in the Additional CSS section.

  • 1. After coming to the admin dashboard of WordPress, click on Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS .
  • 2. Now paste the CSS code given below.
  • 3. Click on Publish.

To remove the date from blog post, we have used this CSS code in Twenty Seventeen Theme of WordPress. This CSS Code may not work in every WordPress Theme. If your theme is not supporting this code, then I would suggest that you use the first method to remove the date from the blog post.

I hope that the information of today’s post will help you to remove the date from the blog post of your WordPress blog .

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