Several Ways to Make Money on YouTube | Earn YouTube Money

Are you interested in making money online thanks to YouTube? If so, continue reading our post today, below I will list the ways to earn money online with YouTube.

So, if you want to make money online, one of the ways to make this dream come true is to become more active on YouTube. In case you are wondering how it is possible to make money on YouTube, this article will enlighten you.

Make Money on Youtube

Just as you can monetize the content of a blog or website, you can monetize YouTube videos using the same strategies, Ad sense, affiliate marketing, and so  on. And again, just as huge traffic is needed to make a decent income from content on your blog or website, it is equally essential to have significant traffic to profit from your YouTube videos as well.

As you can see directly on the YouTube Guide , by joining the partner program , there are different ways to earn. These exist in:

  • Ad Revenue: comes from overlay , display and video ads. To apply, you must be of legal age or have a legal guardian who can administer the payments that occur through AdSense. In addition, content must be published that complies with the guidelines set out by YouTube;

  • Super Chat and Super Sticker: Users decide to pay a fee to make their messages stand out in the chat streams (live chat). To activate it, you just need to be 18 years old and reside in a country where Super Chat is available.

  • Merchandising Shelf: your followers have the opportunity to view and buy the merchandising products related to your brand that are present on your display pages. To use them, it is important to be at least 18 years old and have more than 10,000 followers.
  • Channel Subscriptions: users subscribe monthly to receive the benefits made available by you in exchange. To activate it you need the following requirements, to be over 18 and have reached more than 30,000 members;

To take advantage of all these services, your channel must comply with the rules set by YouTube. Each time it is checked whether you are eligible to apply for a specific service. As we have seen, each feature is characterized by certain eligibility requirements that are related to the number of subscribers and views.

Other Ways to Make Money with YouTube

Paid Reviews

It is also possible to make money from YouTube by producing a video for a customer and highlighting the benefits of their product. This method can be very profitable but you need to have a channel with many subscribers. Be careful producing a ” sales ” video, which does not give any value to the frequent viewer, can create a negative reputation and make you lose subscribers.

Promote Your Products or Services

If you have a business that offers certain products or services you can attract more customers by creating a video promoting the offers and uploading it to YouTube.

Affiliate Products, Review

In addition to placing affiliate links within your video description, you can make even more money by dedicating an entire video to promoting affiliate products. . A good way to increase your earnings with this method is to create a video of you using the product and describing your results.

Sell ​​the Channel

Just like a blogger who decides to sell his blog, it is possible to sell your YouTube channel . Remember that the channels that attract more traffic from search engines (and therefore generate the most money) are those that attract visits from subscribers only.