The 8 Best Ways To Make Money With Instagram

Make Money With Instagram

Instagram is extremely popular among young and old and has proven to be an incredibly effective revenue machine for many entrepreneurs and companies. Even if you are not an influencer you can earn a lot of money with it. Find out which of these 8 proven ways suits you best. Plus tips for more followers.

Make Money with Instagram

8 Ways to Make Money with Instagram

  • Become a content creator
  • Get started as a social media manager
  • Publish sponsored posts
  • Become a brand ambassador
  • Find customers via Instagram
  • Sell ​​products via Instagram shop
  • Sell ​​your photos and/or videos
  • Post affiliate links to webshops

1.Become a Content Creator

As the name suggests, as a content creator you create content for your customers. This can be done with texts, photos and videos for, for example, magazines, newsletters, marketing assignments and social media accounts.

More and more content creators offer services on Instagram. As a content creator for Instagram you keep an eye on trends, find out what is relevant for the target group of your customers, think outside the box and create innovative content that appeals to and inspires the target group.

2. Get Started as a Social Media Manager

Where as a content creator you only create the content of Instagram pages, as a social media manager you manage the entire social media accounts of your customers. You ensure that content is posted regularly, you increase the reach, you arrange marketing and you ensure collaborations with brands and/or influencers. Of course you do all this in consultation with your customer.

3. Publish Sponsored Posts

One of the best-known ways to monetize Instagram is by posting sponsored posts. Sponsored posts can be identified by the hashtags with ‘ad’ or ‘sponsored’.

Many Instagram users think they need to have thousands of followers to be able to post sponsored posts. This is not correct . Many brands consciously choose to collaborate with a so-called micro-influencer and not for an influencer with millions of followers. Approach reliable brands in a unique way that match your style and Instagram account, show them what you can offer, make them enthusiastic and win beautiful collaborations.

4. Become a Brand Ambassador

As a brand ambassador you become the face of a brand for a longer period of time. You regularly promote products on your Instagram account, increase brand awareness and help drive product sales. Where as a brand ambassador you link your name to a brand for a longer period of time, you do not do this when sponsoring messages. Sponsored posts are often short-term collaborations of one or two posts.

5. Find Customers Through Instagram

Of course you can also use Instagram to offer your own products or services. Instagram has a wide reach. By offering your own products or services via your Instagram account, you increase the chance of more (free) brand awareness. And more brand awareness means a greater chance of (more) customers.

So are you a hairdresser? Share photos or videos of your qualities! Are you a specialist in the field of car, telephone, computer repairs? Share your successes! Are you an accountant, psychologist or travel specialist? Share the experiences of your customers!

6. Selling Products via Instagram Shop

Instagram has developed its own online store where you can offer your products. With the click of a button, customers buy your products. Creating an Instagram shop account is not difficult: make sure you have an Instagram business account, link it to your Facebook shop catalog and submit a request for a shop account. Once Instagram has approved your shop account, the sale via Instagram can start!

7: Sell Your Photos or Videos

Do you take beautiful photos or videos? Sell ​​them! Post watermarked photos and videos to your Instagram account, excite your followers, offer the unwatermarked photos or videos and sell them for a good price.

8: Place Affiliate Links to Webshops

More and more webshops and other companies are doing affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, partners are asked to promote products via, for example, their social media channels. Does this generate additional online visitors or sales for the company? Then the partner receives an affiliate commission for every extra visitor or sale that takes place through his/her channel.

On Instagram you can easily promote products through your posts, stories or reels. Do your followers get excited, click the affiliate link that takes them to the company’s product page and buy the product? Then you will receive an amount for this. Nowadays it is even possible to receive an amount when followers just click through to a page without buying anything.

As you have read above, your Instagram account can make money and it certainly has the potential to become a successful business.