Tips and Ideas to Make Money Online on YouTube

You have used it a thousand times to watch videos and have fun, but did you know that you could also make money with YouTube. You could create a channel on which to upload some video content, with the possibility of earning money from it.

Earn money with youtube

To earn with YouTube the only valid system is advertising, the one that is shown before the videos or directly on them.

It will be easy to have it, it will be enough to become a partner of YouTube , so to be able to earn on YouTube it is essential to become a partner of the site. To be accepted in the program, it will be necessary to have a fair number of views , many videos uploaded to the channel and it will not be necessary to commit infringements relating to copyright or the internal regulations of YouTube, since you will have all the credentials. Why not give it a try, it won’t cost you anything.

Once you have decided to activate a channel, it is advisable to immediately work on its technical aspect which includes, for example, keyword research  in order to help people find your channel easily.

It is also essential to decide and design the entire graphic of your channel , that is, how the first page will be displayed by visitors. Therefore, it must be attractive and must immediately give an idea of ​​what you are doing .

If you are not familiar with the sector, there are special software that will help you edit videos . Regarding the account photo , it will be better to insert one that is faithful to your profile. Last but not least, the duration of the video  should be limited to a few minutes.

What is the First Thing to do to Make Money with YouTube?

To earn through YouTube, as with many other similar online methods, lies in the viewing numbers , where only large numbers will allow you to earn directly what YouTube offers. Also, if you have a blog  , you can use YouTube to post your videos. It is recommended not to publish videos that are not your own, or that are protected by copyright because you will then find yourself in the presence of a copyright infringement .

In order to start earning with YouTube, you must first open an Ad Sense account . Subsequently, you can submit your application to join the YouTube Partnership program . After that, once you have decided, you will give consent to YouTube, to insert advertising in the videos, and to collect its part of the proceeds.

Paid Advertising

One method is to insert paid advertising within your videos, in this way you divide the advertising revenue with the advertiser in case you promote one of their products. Therefore, after having published a different number of videos, you can decide whether or not to insert the various advertisements.

Sponsor Brands

You can use YouTube to promote a brand , which is a brand of a product or product line.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The profits will start coming only from the moment you receive clicks on the advertisements, in this case it is important that the sponsors are in theme with the video. The profit  will vary greatly in relation to how much advertising you can insert and the actual possibility of being able to make the most of the video for the various sponsorship.