Top 10 Voice Recorder Apps. Voice Recorder App for Android

Top 10 Voice Recorder Apps to Record Voice : In today’s article, we are going to give you detailed information about the voice recorder app. In day-to-day activities, you may find that you need to take some Voice Notes, but you do not have any voice recording app available with you. In such a situation, you cannot record any voice or audio on your Smartphone.

If you want to record audio in good quality on your mobile, then you will need some better voice recording app. There are a lot of voice recorder apps on the Play Store but most of the apps are not of good quality. That’s why we are going to tell about 10 best voice recording app here which will be able to do voice recording in better quality.

10 Best Voice Recorder Android Apps for Recording Voice

Best Voice Recording Apps for Android
  1. Easy Voice Recorder
    Easy Voice Recorder App This is considered a very popular app on the Google Play Store. On this app, you can record high-quality audio in PCM and WAV formats. If you want to record high-quality stereo audio, you can upgrade to its paid version, but it is not necessary as this free app can be of great use to you. Its pro version also supports stereo recording and external Bluetooth microphone.
  2. Smart Recorder
    Smart Recorder is one of the most popular Voice Recorder App. This app includes real-time spectrograms and a genius algorithm, which makes your smartphone even smarter for voice recording. This app has audio quality to use in conferences and business meetings and even to take audio notes in class. With this application, you can record to varying quality of audio that you can achieve anywhere from 8Hz to 44Hz.
  3. ASR Voice Recorder
    ASR Voice Recorder is a great free voice recorder app. It has tons of features, including support for many formats like MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, M4A, as well as high-quality audio recording. In addition, you can easily upload to the web, with manual controls for playback speed. This app is considered quite popular on the Google Play Store. If you want, you can download it and use it.
  4. Tape – a – Talk Voice Recorder
    You can enjoy the ability to record high quality voice audio, voice notes, memos even when your device’s screen is turned off. Tape a Talk free voice recorder app exceeds your expectations. It also has the same features as a voice dictation device. The app also has an inbuilt sharing feature where you can e-mail your recordings or automatically upload them to Dropbox or Google Drive and other cloud services.
  5. Voice Recorder by Mamoru Tokashiki
    The app also allows you to share your recordings via email and set them as your ringtone. Although it is not the best app. The recording scheduling of this app makes it very useful for this kind of usage. If you’re looking to keep things simple, this is a handy app to start with. This app is not very popular, but it has got very good rating on google play store.
  6. Hi – Q MP3 Voice Recorder
    Hi-Q is also a popular voice recording app. It records audio clips in MP3 format that means the files are compatible with any other application. Like other mp3 recorder apps, users can configure this app to automatically upload clips to web storage. This is also a very good app and at the same time it has received very good ratings. If you want, you can download this app and use it.
  7. RecForge Lite
    Are you looking for a voice recorder app that can convert your recordings to different file types including MP3? Whereas Mp3 is one of the most common formats of high quality audio files today. RecForge Lite app is a powerful voice recorder app with various aspects. Not only does it record voice, but it can also edit and share high quality voice, music and other audio in multiple formats. And also allows you to record in mono or stereo mode as well.
  8. Samsung Voice Recorder
    This is a simple voice recorder app that comes with Samsung smartphones. However, it is available as a free app on the Play Store and works well on other devices. This free voice recorder will give you clarity in the simplest form possible. Apart from this, it also supports external microphone. The advantage of using this app is that it is completely free. If you want, you can download this app and use it.
  9. Music Maker JAM
    Music Maker JAM isn’t a traditional voice recording app, it can record vocals for live performances using an 8-channel mixer. This application is mainly targeted at aspiring musicians who want to compose their music from anywhere. It is one of the best music apps that allows you to choose from various audio loops and beats to create your next music. If you want, you can also use this app.
  10. Otter Voice Meeting Notes
    For those who need to record lectures or voice continuously, then this app can prove to be very good for them. This app records voice and takes notes in real time. Users of this app can also share voice recordings with others or invite team members to collaborate. This app is becoming popular since few years. If you want, you can also use this app.

Final Words:

Here we have explained in detail about top 10 voice recorder apps to record voice. You can use any of these voice recording apps on your phone. If you face any problem while installing any app, then you can tell us in the comment box below. We will reply you very soon.
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