Top 7 Best Graphic Designing Software

Whether you are an amateur graphic designer or a seasoned digital artist, using the right tools can make your talents grow exponentially. A well-built graphic designing software provides intuitive controls and flexibility that can be easily understood by a beginner, but also has tools much better for an experienced user. You need a designing and editing software that can handle both text and graphics for graphic designing.

Top 7 Best Graphic Design Software

1. Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop is arguably the most popular graphic design software and is used by millions of artists around the world. Whether you are looking to create a banner, poster, website or logo, this best graphic design software can do it all for you. With this you have tools for every level in Adobe Photoshop, from small edits to sophisticated designs. If you are someone who works with illustrative designs, you can draw or paint anything you like.

2. Sketch
Sketch is a Mac-only graphic design program that focuses primarily on digital design. These digital designs are used to create websites, apps and interfaces. Unlike Photoshop, Sketch is not designed for photo editing and print work. With Sketch, you can create a prototype by collaborating with other designers on the platform itself.

3. Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator is a design software centered around vector design. You can create artwork, icons, posters etc. and the designs created in Adobe Illustrator can be used on business cards or billboards and on smartphones up to 8k screens. You can use this software to draw, mix, and refine designs to create something spectacular. Adobe has made a mobile version called Adobe Illustrator Draw, which is one of the best graphic design apps out there.

4. Lunacy
Lunacy is a free, super-fast graphics software for UI, UX and web design. It has everything you are used to in other similar apps and goes beyond. With Insanity, you’ll save a lot of time that you’d normally spend Googling for graphics. Thousands of icons, images and photos are available right inside the app. Plus, Lunacy is charged with handy AI-powered tools to automate routine tasks: background remover, image upscaler, avatar, and text generator.

Top 7 Best Graphic Designing Software

5. Mega Creator
Mega Creator is an online DIY graphic editor for creating eye-catching graphics from pre-made elements. It is an excellent tool for web and mobile app app designers, social media marketers, bloggers, copywriters, teachers and students who need pro-looking images in a short amount of time. You can customize and create images from thousands of flat and 3D images. Or you can create custom photos by combining background and cut-out photos of people, animals, objects, and even AI-generated faces.

6. Affinity Designer
Affinity Designer is a cheaper alternative to Illustrator, especially suited for someone who is in the early stages of a design career. The software is known to work smoothly, which can improve your workflow and let you express your creativity more freely. You can move and zoom your artwork at 60fps; See gradients, effects, and adjustments changing live, along with transform and curve editing.

7. Adobe InDesign
Another software by Adobe that can be used to create designs is Adobe InDesign. This graphic design software is mainly used in the publishing industry as you can design magazines, information sheets, books, posters, interactive PDFs, brochures etc. with it. With the ‘Adjust Layout’ option that InDesign provides, you can change the text in your document, and the graphic will adjust accordingly.

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