Dallas Cowboys face Seattle Seahawks in a crucial "Thursday Night Football" at AT&T Stadium.

Locker room debate arises over the team's 8-3 record and the strength of their opponents.

Offensive and defensive leaders differ on the significance of the "They haven't played anybody argument."

A challenging five-game stretch follows, featuring matchups with the Eagles, Bills, Dolphins, and Lions.

Opponents in this stretch boast a formidable combined record of 37-18.

Cowboys' current record is built against teams with a combined 43-59 record.

Tonight's game against the Seahawks initiates this demanding phase of the season.

Diverse perspectives within the team shape their approach to the upcoming challenges.

Internal discussions intensify as the Cowboys navigate a critical point in the season.

The Cowboys grapple not only with external opponents but also internal evaluations as they aim for continued success.